Getting to know Julia Bolte


Q: Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

BOLTE: "I like the community atmosphere and the athletic community and the school vibe in general. There was a huge opportunity for me to continue my lacrosse career here that I didn’t have at a couple other schools and I wanted to play, so I felt like this was the best option.”

Q: What was your favorite thing about your visit?

BOLTE: “I visited during the summer, it was technically an unofficial visit but I got to meet the coaches, and they took me around campus and showed me the athletic facilities. I love the coaches, they were really cool and easy to get along with. The campus is beautiful and I got a really good vibe from it.”

Q: What do you like about Coach Sung and the lacrosse program?

BOLTE: “I like the intensity because it pushes me every day. It’s a lot more intense than my last program. He wants to win a national championship, you can tell and I want to too.”

Q: What are some of your strengths on the field?

BOLTE: “I’m a feeder and I like to assist and make it a team effort on an attack.”

Q: Who is your favorite professional athlete?

BOLTE: “Brian Dawkins is my favorite athlete of all-time. I know he doesn’t play anymore but I aspire to be like him.”

Q: What is your most memorable lacrosse moment and why?

BOLTE: “My game last year against Stanford (at University of Oregon) when I had six assists in the first half. It was the happiest I’ve been ever.”

Q: What interests you about graphic design?

BOLTE: “I’m kind of artsy but I don’t want to be an artist. I wanted it to be more practical so I looked into graphic design, and they have a really good program here so I was intrigued by that. I don’t know that much about it yet I’m still in the general art major.”

Q: What has been your favorite part about Virginia Tech so far?

BOLTE: “I really like the ‘Enter Sandman’ for the first game home, I’ll remember that for the rest of my life. I love the team and playing every day and doing something I love to do. Also off the field studying something I actually want to study which I didn’t really have as many opportunities to do.”


Q: Do you have any nicknames?

BOLTE: “I’ve always been called JB my whole life.”

Q: What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favorite artist?

BOLTE: “Rap and R&B. My favorite artist is Khalid.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the fall lacrosse season?

BOLTE: “Just showing everyone that we’re worthy of making the tournament and competing against other ranked teams in our conference.”

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

BOLTE: “I watch a lot of Netflix. I watch Game of Thrones and Narcos and I’m on Prison Break right now.”

Q: If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

BOLTE: “Reading people’s minds.”

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