Getting to know MacKenzie Bolt

MacKenzie Bolt #38

Q: Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

Bolt: “My first time stepping on campus I just loved the surrounding and everything around here. It felt like home and the facilities can’t be matched at any other school.”

Q: What was your favorite thing about your visit?

Bolt: “The food. I got to go to the dining halls and eat some of the food and I loved that. All of the girls on the team were really nice and they weren’t intimidating at all, they made me feel really welcome.”

Q: What do you like about Coach Sung and the lacrosse program?

Bolt: “It was really exciting to watch the girls play last season because he completely turned the program around and I’m just really glad that I can finally be a part of this team and help him and make our team even greater.”

Q: What are some of your strengths on the field?

Bolt: “I’m fast so I guess I try and use that to my advantage and do whatever I can with that.”

Q: Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Bolt: “Probably Serena Williams, I think she’s just amazing and she really is a role model for young female athletes.”

Q: What is your most memorable lacrosse moment and why?

Bolt: “Probably when I learned that I received All-American, it just seemed like everything I had done since when I was young playing lacrosse, finally I had done something with it.”

Q: What interests you about studying business?

Bolt: “Pamplin (College of Business) is a really good school for business. It’s such a broad major and I think that I can find something to do once I graduate. I’m business undecided right now, but I think I’ll figure it out throughout the semester.”

Q: What has been your favorite part about Virginia Tech so far?

Bolt: The football games definitely. We went to the first one, against Delaware, that was really fun and then our coaches took us on a surprise trip and we ended up going to the ECU game which was a really good surprise. It was fun to support our team. We all really got to know each other more throughout the course of the trip and we all had a really good time.”


Q: If you couldn’t play college lacrosse, what other team would you try out for?

Bolt: “Maybe field hockey, they don’t have field hockey where I live like at my high school and it always looked like a fun sport to try so I would have liked to have done that.”

Q: If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Bolt: “Probably to fly, I think it would be cool to just like see everything below me. That would be fun.”

Q: Has anything surprised you about the jump from high school to college?

Bolt: “I was expecting to be busy all the time, but I was not expecting to be as busy as I am. We just have such like a rigid schedule with lacrosse and school work and not even just practice but the stuff outside of it. There’s so much that goes into being a student-athlete here but it’s exciting more than stressful I think.”

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