Washington & Lee Series History
Overall: 35-53 (39.8%)    Conference: 20-48 (29.4%)

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Games: 88
Overall Record: 35-53 (39.8%)    Conference Record: 20-48 (29.4%)
Home: 20-18 (52.6%)    Away: 9-29 (23.7%)    Neutral: 6-6 (50%)    
Cassell Coliseum: 0-0 (0%)    Under Buzz Williams: 0-0 (0%)
Televised Games: 0-0 (0%)    
VT Ranked: 0-0 (0%)    Opponent Ranked: 0-0 (0%)    Both Teams Ranked: 0-0 (0%)
VT Ranked Higher: 0-0 (0%)    Opponent Ranked Higher: 0-0 (0%)

SeasonDateSiteScore (VT-Opp)RankTV
1958Wed., Feb 18, 1959Lexington, Va.W, 78-51NR/NR
1958Fri., Jan 9, 1959Blacksburg, Va.W, 105-24NR/NR
1957Tue., Feb 11, 1958Lexington, Va. *W, 78-64NR/NR
1957Thu., Jan 16, 1958Blacksburg, Va. *W, 96-60NR/NR
1956Fri., Mar 8, 1957Greenville, S.C. * 1L, 54-68NR/NR
1956Tue., Feb 19, 1957Lexington, Va. *W, 54-46NR/NR
1956Tue., Feb 12, 1957Blacksburg, Va. *W, 66-56NR/NR
1955Tue., Feb 14, 1956Blacksburg, Va. *W, 68-64NR/NR
1955Thu., Jan 19, 1956Lexington, Va. *W, 60-49NR/NR
1954Thu., Feb 10, 1955Blacksburg, Va. *L, 67-82NR/NR
1954Wed., Jan 12, 1955Lexington, Va. *L, 63-88NR/NR
1953Thu., Feb 25, 1954Lexington, Va. *L, 62-72NR/NR
1953Tue., Feb 9, 1954Blacksburg, Va. *W, 65-62NR/NR
1952Wed., Feb 4, 1953Lexington, Va. *L, 74-76NR/NR
1952Fri., Jan 16, 1953Blacksburg, Va. *W, 85-68NR/NR
1951Fri., Feb 8, 1952Wytheville, Va. *W, 87-85NR/NR
1951Sat., Jan 12, 1952Lexington, Va. *L, 71-76NR/NR
1950Sat., Jan 27, 1951Lexington, Va. *L, 58-61NR/NR
1950Sat., Jan 20, 1951Blacksburg, Va. *W, 58-57NR/NR
1949Wed., Feb 8, 1950Blacksburg, Va. *W, 80-71NR/NR
1949Wed., Jan 18, 1950Lexington, Va. *L, 69-73NR/NR
1948Mon., Feb 14, 1949Blacksburg, Va. *W, 68-54NR/NR
1948Tue., Jan 18, 1949Lexington, Va. *L, 58-66NR/NR
1947Wed., Feb 25, 1948Lexington, Va. *W, 55-47NR/NR
1947Fri., Feb 13, 1948Blacksburg, Va. *W, 75-49NR/NR
1946Fri., Feb 28, 1947Lexington, Va. *L, 54-74NA
1946Sat., Jan 18, 1947Blacksburg, Va. *L, 46-53NA
1945Tue., Feb 19, 1946Blacksburg, Va. *W, 69-23NA
1942Wed., Feb 17, 1943Lexington, Va.W, 47-38NA
1942Thu., Feb 4, 1943Blacksburg, Va.W, 42-37NA
1941Thu., Jan 15, 1942Blacksburg, Va. *L, 33-35NA
1941Wed., Jan 7, 1942Roanoke, Va. *L, 27-29NA
1940Sat., Jan 25, 1941Lexington, Va. *L, 30-37NA
1940Wed., Jan 15, 1941Roanoke, Va. *L, 29-41NA
1939Sat., Jan 27, 1940Lexington, Va. *L, 22-42NA
1939Sat., Jan 13, 1940Blacksburg, Va. *L, 25-34NA
1938Sat., Feb 25, 1939Blacksburg, Va. *L, 51-65NA
1938Sat., Jan 21, 1939Lexington, Va. *L, 29-66NA
1937Sat., Feb 19, 1938Blacksburg, Va. *L, 24-32NA
1937Sat., Jan 22, 1938Lexington, Va. *L, 34-52NA
1936Sat., Feb 6, 1937Blacksburg, Va. *L, 24-38NA
1936Sat., Jan 23, 1937Lexington, Va. *L, 30-52NA
1935Sat., Feb 8, 1936Blacksburg, Va. *L, 22-42NA
1935Sat., Jan 25, 1936Lexington, Va. *L, 18-50NA
1934Sat., Feb 9, 1935Blacksburg, Va. *L, 22-29NA
1934Sat., Jan 19, 1935Lexington, Va. *L, 19-49NA
1933Mon., Feb 12, 1934Blacksburg, Va. *L, 30-48NA
1933Thu., Feb 8, 1934Lexington, Va. *L, 31-47NA
1932Sat., Feb 18, 1933Lexington, Va. *W, 37-35NA
1932Tue., Jan 10, 1933Blacksburg, Va. *W, 34-31NA
1931Sat., Feb 13, 1932Blacksburg, Va. *W, 22-16NA
1931Sat., Jan 23, 1932Lexington, Va. *L, 18-28NA
1930Sat., Feb 21, 1931Blacksburg, Va. *L, 17-37NA
1930Thu., Feb 19, 1931Lexington, Va. *L, 24-37NA
1929Tue., Feb 25, 1930Lexington, Va. *L, 20-35NA
1929Mon., Feb 17, 1930Blacksburg, Va. *L, 20-35NA
1928Sat., Feb 23, 1929Blacksburg, Va. *L, 17-36NA
1928Sat., Feb 16, 1929Blacksburg, Va. *L, 17-45NA
1928Sat., Jan 26, 1929Lexington, Va. *L, 25-44NA
1927Sat., Feb 11, 1928Blacksburg, Va. *W, 36-17NA
1927Sat., Jan 21, 1928Lexington, Va. *L, 24-35NA
1926Wed., Feb 23, 1927Lexington, Va. *L, 40-46NA
1926Sat., Feb 12, 1927Blacksburg, Va. *L, 23-39NA
1925Sat., Feb 13, 1926Blacksburg, Va. *W, 41-20NA
1925Sat., Jan 23, 1926Lexington, Va. *L, 30-43NA
1924Sat., Feb 14, 1925Blacksburg, Va. *L, 20-27NA
1924Sat., Jan 24, 1925Lexington, Va. *L, 18-26NA
1923Sat., Feb 16, 1924Lexington, Va. *L, 17-29NA
1923Sat., Jan 26, 1924Roanoke, Va. *L, 21-33NA
1922Sat., Feb 17, 1923Blacksburg, Va. *L, 28-29NA
1922Sat., Jan 27, 1923Lexington, Va. *L, 7-31NA
1921Fri., Feb 10, 1922Lynchburg, Va. *L, 32-38NA
1920Mon., Feb 21, 1921Roanoke, Va.W, 23-19NA
1920Fri., Jan 28, 1921Lynchburg, Va.W, 25-9NA
1919Sat., Feb 28, 1920Roanoke, Va.W, 27-15NA
1918Sat., Mar 1, 1919Roanoke, Va.W, 35-23NA
1918Sat., Feb 8, 1919Lynchburg, Va.W, 37-15NA
1917Fri., Feb 15, 1918Lexington, Va.W, 29-10NA
1913Sat., Feb 14, 1914Blacksburg, Va.W, 21-19NA
1913Fri., Jan 30, 1914Lexington, Va.L, 17-46NA
1912Mon., Feb 17, 1913Blacksburg, Va.L, 15-31NA
1912Fri., Jan 31, 1913Lexington, Va.L, 15-54NA
1911Tue., Feb 13, 1912Staunton, Va.L, 18-42NA
1910Sat., Mar 4, 1911Blacksburg, Va.W, 42-28NA
1910Fri., Feb 24, 1911Lexington, Va.W, 27-20NA
1909Sat., Feb 12, 1910Blacksburg, Va.W, 42-29NA
1909Fri., Feb 4, 1910Lexington, Va.W, 31-18NA
1908Fri., Feb 26, 1909Lexington, Va.L, 12-28NA
Most Points Scored105/88 (1958/1954)
Fewest Points Scored7/9 (1922/1920)
Shutouts By - / - ( - / - )
Largest Margin of Victory81/39 (1958/1912)
Smallest Margin of Victory1/1 (1950/1922)
* - Conference game
1 - Southern Conference Tournament in Greenville, S.C.