August 5, 2010
Update on Allan Chaney's Health

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Tech men’s basketball player Allan Chaney underwent a diagnostic procedure at the University of Virginia Hospital on Tuesday, August 3, 2010, to further evaluate his health.

“In our continued evaluations of Allan, he recently underwent a diagnostic study which involved evaluating the electrical activity of his heart,” team physician Mark Rogers said. “Based on the results of this, we are recommending that another heart specialist evaluate him further. At this point, the consensus is that the abnormality in the study is most likely related to a viral inflammation of the heart.

“We certainly anticipate Allan’s return to the court when it is deemed safe for him.”

Chaney had fainted following an approved off-season individual workout on Wednesday, April 21 in the basketball practice facility. At that time, a battery of tests were performed on Chaney and he has been constantly monitored since that time.

“It is unfortunate that Allan Chaney is having to deal with such a serious health issue,” head coach Seth Greenberg said. “His long-term health is our top priority. I am very confident in the care that he is receiving. This is a disease that is curable, but it takes time and we will have a better understanding after meeting with the specialist.”

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