May 18, 2014
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Men's Golf: 2014 NCAAs

About 1 a.m. ET on Sunday morning, the silver VT Golf van pulled into the Virginia Tech Golf Course on Duck Pond Road. A tired, but very happy group of players and coaches unloaded the van and headed for their homes, having accomplished the mission of the week; advancing to the NCAA Championship.

There won’t be much time for relaxation for the team, though. The players have Sunday off and doubtless, there were very few alarm clocks set for Sunday morning. Coach Jay Hardwick was off recruiting, so business as usual for him. The team will reassemble midday on Monday for practice and meetings. With no classes to be attended, there will be time to prepare for the next trip. Laundry must be done before packing. Other chores also need to be completed.

That trip will begin bright and early Tuesday morning, as the team will head out on the road for the flight that eventually takes the Hokies to Wichita, Kansas and then a short trip up the road to Hutchinson, Kansas. A round of golf in Kansas on Wednesday, followed by Thursday’s practice round and Friday will see the beginning of competition.

On the road back from Auburn on Saturday night, while Associate Head Coach maneuvered the van up I-85, Hardwick was hard at work arranging team travel, hotel and retail vehicles. Not much time to sit back and bask in the accomplishments of the day. But due to his diligence, the Hokies’ travel plans were basically set by the time the team stopped for a late dinner.

Usually at this time, we thank a number of people and shut down the blog for a week or so, but since the team leaves again in a couple of days, we’ll keep it going and blog a few more times before landing in Kansas and starting this all over again.

Due to travel on Saturday night, the photo gallery from Saturday has just been posted. Also, we should hopefully have a video interview with Coach Hardwick edited and posted in the next hour or so. Also, continue to follow @VT_MGolf, as we will tweet out more information in the next day or so wrapping up Auburn and looking ahead to Hutchinson.

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