May 23, 2014
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Men's Golf: 2014 NCAAs

Thursday night, the NCAA Championship Reception was held at the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson. The Hokies were the last team to leave the building.

The reason for that little note is Tech’s golf team decided to tour the museum incorporated with the Cosmosphere. WOW is the word I use to describe the experience. This was one of the most fascinating hours that I have experienced in a while. I’m glad the Hokies took this opportunity to view this museum, as each player and staff member was noticeably impressed. Associate head coach Brian Sharp is a noted aeronautics enthusiast and he had a great time in the building, which boasted a replica of a stealth fighter suspended from the ceiling of the main hall.

The museum is one of three in the world with a Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft on exhibit. The Mercury-Redstone Liberty Bell 7 capsule is on display. This capsule sank in the Atlantic on July 21, 1961, shortly after astronaut Gus Grissom was rescued and was not recovered until July 20, 1999. One observation is how small these capsules were.

This is truly a unique experience. The museum goes from pre-WWII rockets until the present and is very detailed. Another highlight of the museum is a portion of the Berlin Wall. If you are ever in this area, this is a must-see.

So, we fast forward to Friday morning. The Hokies had some time to relax in the hotel this morning with a 1:10 p.m. CT tee time. Well, two weather delays later and that tee time will be pushed back a bit. The rain has finally come to the Hutchinson area and we are waiting for play to resume before the NCAA sets estimated afternoon tee times. Needless to say, the NCAA is happy that sunset in Hutchinson today is not until 8:48 p.m.

Keep checking back here for more updates, as well as @VT_MGolf. We’ll post the times when we know them.

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