May 26, 2014
The Weren't We Just Here? Blog

At 5:30 a.m., CT Monday morning, the two team vans pulled out of the Fairfield Inn parking lot, headed for the team’s final day at Prairie Dunes Country Club. It actually was about 30 minutes later than the day before. There was definitely the feel of having just left the course a short time ago.

The Hokies were the first team in the clubhouse to get some breakfast, but quickly the room filled up with other competitors preparing for their final day of play at the 2014 NCAA Men’s Golf Championship. The stark realization is that, most probably, no team from this group (16-30 in the standings as of the end of the second round) will advance into match play. If the weather stays nice this morning and then turns in the afternoon, then, possibly, one of these teams could sneak in, but don’t count on it.

This will be the final day for the Hokies and with that, the final collegiate round for Bryce Chalkley. But we’ll wait until later to wrap-up his outstanding career in Blacksburg.

The teams will be taken back out on the course at 7:20 a.m., 10 minutes before the shotgun start. For the uninitiated, there actual isn’t a “shotgun” anymore. Just an air horn, But you do hear it around the course. Hopefully, just at the start, as a horn later in the morning means that more inclement weather is in the area, something no one around this course wants.

The irony of all this rain and lightning is that Kansas is in a drought and the rain they have received this week, though very welcome to the residents, will do little to lessen the shortage.

Before we head out to the course, one update and explanation. When we left here last night, Scott Vincent was listed as being 1-under-par for the eight holes he played in the third round before suspension of play. This morning, you will notice he is now listed as even-par. Last night at dinner, while looking at the scoreboard, he noticed that his bogey on No. 12 was listed on as a par. We notified Mark Laesch at Golfstat and the change was made. This is something that would have been caught later today when the scorecards were double-checked, but it shows the type of person Scott is and all the golfers are, that he brought this to the attention of the proper folks and all things are now in running order. By doing so, Tech is now listed tied for 29th instead of tied for 28th, as was earlier listed in the story on

We will update on Twitter @VT_MGolf as the team finishes their final 10 holes this morning and post another blog and warp-up story on, as well as a photo gallery and an interview with Coach Hardwick later in the day.

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