BIG EAST names academic all-stars
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    June 17, 2003

    The BIG EAST Conference announced it 2002-02 BIG EAST Academic All-Stars Tuesday morning, with over 2,000 student-athletes being honored this year.

    Athletes are eligible with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in the respective academic year. There was no limit to the number of athletes one school could nominate and all classes were eligible. Athletes must have earned a varsity letter and participated in a BIG EAST sport, thus no wrestlers were on the list due to the fact that the Hokies compete in the EWL. The BIG EAST released a separate list with the football academic winners on January 30.

    In all, Virginia Tech had 120 student-athletes on the list. Below is the complete list of Hokies who received the honor.

    NameSportClass  Major
    Seth BandyBaseballSRMechanical Engineering
    Thomas BauderBaseballSRSecondary Education, Physical
    Tom BlaszakBaseballJRBiology
    Matthew DaltonBaseballSRCivil Engineering
    Spencer HarrisBaseballSRHuman Nutrition, Foods & Exercise
    David McDonaldBaseballSOUniversity Studies
    Jonathon MusialowskiBaseballJRMarketing Management
    David AtkissMen's Cross CountryJRBusiness
    Darrell CurtisMen's Cross CountrySOBiology
    Casey FrazierMen's Cross CountrySRArchitecture
    Michael LawsonMen's Cross CountrySOMechanical Engineering
    Jeremy LowryMen's Cross CountrySRFinance
    Justin SkarreMen's Cross CountrySOPsychology
    Matt HollerbachMen's GolfJRMechanical Engineering
    Bailey AllmanMen's SoccerSOHousing, Interior Design & Residential Property Management
    Justin BognerMen's SoccerJRMechanical Engineering
    Dustin BondMen's SoccerSRBusiness Information Technology
    Chris DavidoviczMen's SoccerSRFinance
    Chase HarrisonMen's SoccerSOBuilding Construction
    Greg HermandorferMen's SoccerSRCivil Engineering
    Lasse MertinsMen's SoccerJRAccounting & Information Systems
    Robert O'BrienMen's SoccerSRFinance
    Eric PrigotMen's SoccerSRSecondary Eduaction, Physical Education
    Peer RoggeMen's SoccerFRManagement
    Karl SchlegelMen's SoccerSRIndustrial Design
    Robert SmithMen's SoccerSRIndustrial & Systems Engineering
    Pete WoodyMen's SoccerJRUniversity Studies
    Matthew BolenMen's Swimming & DivingSRCivil Engineering
    William JamersonMen's Swimming & DivingSOHistory
    Gregory KubovcikMen's Swimming & DivingSRComputer Engineering
    Christian LindbergMen's Swimming & DivingSRHuman Nutrition Foods and Exercise
    Eric PavlikMen's Swimming & DivingJRHistory
    Joseph PierkarskiMen's Swimming & DivingSRChemical Engineering
    Angel DiankovMen's TennisSOUniversity Studies
    Francis HuotMen's TennisSRBiology
    Michael KurzMen's TennisSRFinance
    Andreas LaulundMen's TennisSRFinance
    Grant ReynoldsMen's TennisSRMarketing Management
    William CollinsMen's Track & Field SOGeneral Engineering
    David CookMen's Track & Field JRBusiness
    Jason FluddMen's Track & Field JRCommunication
    Elige GrantMen's Track & Field SRGeological Science
    Ryan NorwoodMen's Track & Field JRComputer Science
    Marcus TepaskeMen's Track & Field SRMechanical Engineering
    Dawn ChrissWomen's BasketballFRAccounting & Informaiton Systems
    Erin GibsonWomen's BasketballJRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Amy LingenfelderWomen's BasketballSRIndustrial & Systems Engineering
    Carrie MasonWomen's BasketballSOUniversity Studies
    Fran RecchiaWomen's BasketballJRSecondary Eduaction, Physical Education
    Chrystal StarlingWomen's BasketballSRHealth & Physical Education
    Jessica HammackWomen's Cross CountryJRBiology
    Jessica MorrisWomen's Cross CountryJRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Marlies OverbeekeWomen's Cross CountryJRSociology
    Kristy VanCourWomen's Cross CountrySRDairy Sciences
    Stacey VidtWomen's Cross CountrySRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Deana CannonLacrosseSRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Kat CoolahanLacrosseJRMarketing Management
    Amanda CountsLacrosseJRPsychology
    Melissa FullencampLacrosseSOHuman Development
    Melissa HolecheckLacrosseSOSociology
    Stephanie JonesLacrosseFRCommunication
    Lauren KenneyLacrosseSRHousing, Interior Design & Residential Property Management
    Liz LongoLacrosseFRCommunication
    Kristen LoughlinLacrosseSOArt
    Kate MaddenLacrosseSRAccounting & Information Systems
    Anna MelnicoveLacrosseFRBiology
    Sam SybertLacrosseSRPolitical Science
    Lindsay WelchLacrosseJRSecondary Eduaction, Physical Education
    Crystal BeachSoftballFRBiology
    Megan EvansSoftballSOHuman Nutrition, Food &
    Carmen FarmerSoftballSRPublic & Urban Affairs
    Shannon HolbertonSoftballSOBiochemistry
    Kathleen JonesSoftballSOUniversity Studies
    Caitlin MurphySoftballFRUniversity Studies
    Rachel PachecoSoftballJRSecondary Education, Physical
    Callie RhodesSoftballFRUniversity Studies
    Megan StoneSoftballFRSecondary Education, Physical
    Heather ToddSoftballSRSecondary Education, Physical
    Mindi WylieSoftballJRSecondary Education, Physical
    Andrea AngelosWomen's SoccerFRHistory
    Emily BarnhartWomen's SoccerJRManagement
    Krista DooleyWomen's SoccerSRSecondary Eduaction, Physical Education
    Blair EasonWomen's SoccerJRMarketing Management
    Meghan FoyWomen's SoccerJRMarketing Management
    Courtney GraybillWomen's SoccerSRChemical Engineering
    Katie HancockWomen's SoccerSRBiology
    Kathy HoldsworthWomen's SoccerJRSociology
    Megan KramerWomen's SoccerSOGeneral Engineering
    Amy RappaportWomen's SoccerJRCommunication
    Jessica RussellWomen's SoccerJRMarketing Management
    Ashley StoutlandWomen's SoccerFRCommunication
    Jennifer BreilmaierWomen's Swimming & DivingSRPschyology
    Kelly BurkeWomen's Swimming & DivingSOUniversity Studies
    Juliana DaniellWomen's Swimming & DivingFRUniversity Studies
    Meagan DroletWomen's Swimming & DivingSRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Sarah GardnerWomen's Swimming & DivingSOHuman Development
    Kathryn GrossiWomen's Swimming & DivingJRHuman Services
    Emily GuschkeWomen's Swimming & DivingFRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Claire JakabcinWomen's Swimming & DivingFRBiology
    Jamie SpradlinWomen's Swimming & DivingJRSociology
    Jamie TrivettWomen's Swimming & DivingJRWildlife Science
    Jill TurnerWomen's Swimming & DivingSRMarketing Management
    Robin WoodWomen's Swimming & DivingSRCommunication
    Amanda YothersWomen's Swimming & DivingFRUniversity Studies
    Anat ElazariWomen's TennisFRGeneral Engineering
    Felice LamWomen's TennisJRBusiness Information Technology
    Ginger LowdermilkWomen's TennisJRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Kristen StubbsWomen's TennisSRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Christy HermanWomen's Track & FieldSRPublic & Urban Affairs
    Jacqueline NicholsonWomen's Track & FieldSOUniversity Studies
    Monique VanlooWomen's Track & FieldJRInterdisciplinary Studies
    January WilliamsWomen's Track & FieldSRPsychology
    Ashley BayerVolleyballFRUniversity Studies
    Jennifer HillVolleyballJRHuman Nutrition, Food & Exercise
    Elisabeth KappVolleyballSOInternational Studies
    Melissa MarkowskiVolleyballFRBiology
    Jamie N. MeyerVolleyballSRHuman Development
    Sarah RogersVolleyballSRMarketing Management
    Annie SpicerVolleyballSOGeological Sciences
    Cheryl StinsonVolleyballSRComputer Science
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