BIG EAST Announces Academic All-Star Team
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    July 18, 2002

    BLACKSBURG - Ninety-seven Virginia Tech student-athletes have been named to the 2001-02 BIG EAST Conference Academic All-Star Team, as released Thursday by the conference.

    Each school was permitted to nominate an unlimited number of student-athletes regardless of class and according to the following criteria.
    • minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA during the 2001-02 academic year (both semesters)
    • must participate in a BIG EAST sport and have earned a varsity letter
    • freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible
    • unlimited number of nominations per school

    Football has its own academic all-star team and the Virginia Tech wrestling team participates in the Eastern Wrestling League (EWL).

    Following is the full list of Hokie athletes named to the team.
    Tom BlazakBaseballFr.Biology
    Jason BushBaseballSr.Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Brian CopelandBaseballSr.Chemical Engineering
    Matt DaltonBaseballJr.Chemical Engineering
    Spencer HarrisBaseballJr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Chris McKeelMen's GolfJr.Chemical Engineering
    Carrie BirelyWomen's LacrosseSr.Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Mgmt.
    Deana CannonWomen's LacrosseJr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Kathleen CoolhanWomen's LacrosseSo.Biology
    Kellyn HentzWomen's LacrosseJr.Sociology
    Kiersten HuberWomen's LacrosseJr.Finance
    Lauren KenneyWomen's LacrosseJr.Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Mgmt.
    Kristin LoughlinWomen's LacrosseFr.Art and Art History
    Ashley MazaWomen's LacrosseSo.University Academic Advising
    Jamie McGrawWomen's LacrosseSo.University Academic Advising
    Samantha SybertWomen's LacrosseJr.Political Science
    Kate ThreadgoldWomen's LacrosseSo.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Rachel UrbanWomen's LacrosseSo.Animal and Poultry Science
    Lindsey WelchWomen's LacrosseSo.Sociology
    Carlton CarterMen's Basketball Sr.Economics
    Casey FrazierMen's Cross CountrySo.Architecture
    Josiah OliverMen's Cross CountrySo.Mechanical Engineering
    Justin SkaareMen's Cross CountryFr.Psychology
    Jason HettenbaughMen's Cross Country/Track & FieldJr.Health and Physical Education
    David CookMen's Track & FieldFr.Business
    Jason FluddMen's Track & FieldSo.University Studies
    David FritzMen's Track & FieldSo.Computer Science
    Richard HummelMen's Track & FieldSr.Marketing
    Adam JuryMen's Track & FieldSo.Materials Science and Engineering
    Ryan NorwoodMen's Track & FieldFr.Computer Science
    Dustin BondMen's SoccerFr.Business Information Technology
    Stephen D'AdmoMen's SoccerSr.Aerospace Engineering
    Greg MedskerMen's SoccerJr.Business Information Technology
    Drew MyersMen's SoccerSr.Art and Art History
    Eric PrigotMen's SoccerSr.Health and Physical Education
    Karl SchlegelMen's SoccerJr.Industrial Design
    Stephen HorningMen's Swimming & DivingSr.Computer Engineering
    Adel AbbasMen's TennisFr.University Studies
    Davor DupljakMen's TennisSr.Finance
    David EmeryMen's TennisFr.University Studies
    Saber KadiriMen's TennisJr.Political Science
    Michael KurzMen's TennisJr.Finance
    Andreas LaulandMen's TennisSo.Business Information Technology
    Clarissa CrowellSoftballSr.Psychology
    Ashlee DobbeSoftballSr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Carmen FarmerSoftballJr.Architecture Urban Affairs and Planning
    Kathleen JonesSoftballFr.University Studies
    Amy VoorheesSoftballSr.Health and Physical Education
    Renee CollinsWomen's VolleyballSr.Health and Physical Education
    Hollace DisserWomen's VolleyballSr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Jenny HillWomen's VolleyballSo.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Ana LangWomen's VolleyballJr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Sarah RogersWomen's VolleyballJr.Marketing
    Christine ShubatWomen's VolleyballSr.Marketing
    Cheryl StinsonWomen's VolleyballJr.Computer Science
    Erin GibsonWomen's BasketballFr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Lisa GuarneriWomen's BasketballSr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Ieva KublinaWomen's BasketballSo.Psychology
    Amy LingenfelderWomen's BasketballSo.General Engineering
    Emily LiptonWomen's BasketballJr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Mollie OwingsWomen's BasketballSr.Marketing
    Fran RecchiaWomen's BasketballFr.Health and Physical Health Education
    Chelsea AlversonWomen's Cross CountrySr.Hospitality and Tourism Management
    Jessica HammackWomen's Cross CountryFr.Biology
    Jessica MorrisWomen's Cross Country/Track & FieldFr.Economics
    Damali HayWomen's Track & FieldSr.Economics
    Christy HermanWomen's Track & FieldJr.Architecture Urban Affairs and Planning
    Jaime JohnsonWomen's Track & FieldFr.Biology
    Emily BarnhartWomen's SoccerSo.Business
    Linda Bruce Women's SoccerSr.Human Development
    Carmen ChestnutWomen's SoccerSr.Communications
    Krista DooleyWomen's SoccerJr.Health and Physical Health Education
    Blair EasonWomen's SoccerSo.Marketing
    Katie HancockWomen's SoccerSo.Biology
    Wendy KotwasWomen's SoccerSr.Health and Physical Health Education
    Joy NsubugaWomen's SoccerSr.Health and Physical Health Education
    Victoria Sarfo-KantankaWomen's SoccerSr.Communications
    Amy Rappaport Women's SoccerSo.University Studies
    Jessica RussellWomen's SoccerSo.University Studies
    Jennifer BrielmaierWomen's Swimming & DivingSo.Psychology
    Kelly BurkeWomen's Swimming & DivingFr.University Studies
    Meagan DroletWomen's Swimming & DivingJr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Kayleen GloorWomen's Swimming & DivingSo.Animal and Poultry Science
    Kathryn GrossiWomen's Swimming & DivingSo.Human Development
    Allyson HamiltonWomen's Swimming & DivingJr.Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Mgmt.
    Kristen LaineWomen's Swimming & DivingSr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Erin MilfeitWomen's Swimming & DivingSr.Architecture Environmental Design & Planning
    Jamie TrivettWomen's Swimming & DivingSo.Women's Studies
    Jill TurnerWomen's Swimming & DivingJr.Marketing
    Monica ArchondoWomen's TennisSr.Marketing
    Bridget BrunerWomen's TennisJr.Communications
    Danielle FaucherWomen's TennisSr.Hospitality and Tourism Management
    Elizabeth GordonWomen's TennisSo.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Ines KhelifiWomen's TennisSr.Computer Science
    Carolyn KramerWomen's TennisFr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
    Alena SimmondsWomen's TennisFr.General Engineering
    Kristen StubbsWomen's TennisJr.Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
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