Atlantic Coast Conference Announces 2006-07 Academic Honor Roll
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August 14, 2007

GREENSBORO, N.C. - The 51st annual Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll, noting academic excellence by student-athletes for the 2006-07 school year, was released today by Commissioner John D. Swofford.

The Honor Roll is comprised of those student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.00 or better for the full academic year. A league-record 2,710 student-athletes were honored for their hard work in the classroom following this academic year. Duke led the conference in total selections for the 20th consecutive year, edging out Boston College by one with 394 student-athletes on the Blue Devils' list.

North Carolina was third with 279, while Maryland was fourth with 259. Virginia matched its previous total of 221 student-athletes, followed by Virginia Tech (206), Florida State (204), Clemson (191), NC State (156), Miami (146), Wake Forest (131), and Georgia Tech (130).

Headlining this year's Honor Roll are 11 five-time honorees and 174 four-time recipients. Duke claimed a league-leading six five-time honorees, while Clemson had three and NC State and Virginia added one a piece. Those honorees include Clemson's Jessica Scott, Meghan Stanton, and Kristen Weinacker; Duke's Jenny Alleva, Eli Nichols, Shannon Rowbury, Chas Salmen, Laura Stanley, and Liz Wort; NC State's Garrett Cummings; and Virginia's Nikki Lieb.

The 2006-07 Academic Honor Roll was lined with 211 All-ACC members, including 16 2006-07 ACC Players of the Year. Individual honorees included on this year's list were Boston College's Bob Dirks (Field Hockey) and Laura Georges (Women's Soccer); Duke's Matt Danowski (Men's Lacrosse), Amanda Blumenherst (Women's Golf) and Ali Hausfeld (Volleyball); Florida State's Andrew Lemoncello (Track & Field), Terry Horner (Men's Diving) and Bryan Henry (Baseball); Georgia Tech's James Lemons (Track & Field); Maryland's Paula Infante (Field Hockey); Miami's Jenna Dreyer (Women's Diving) and Audra Cohen (Women's Tennis); Virginia's Pat Mellors (Men's Swimming); Virginia Tech's Angela Tincher (Softball) and Jessica Botzum (Women's Swimming); and Wake Forest's Michelle Sikes (Track & Field).

Maryland's Brian Phipps was one of seven ACC Freshmen of the Year selections. Joining the rookie men's lacrosse standout were Duke's Rachael Moss (Volleyball) and Alison Whitaker (Women's Golf); Florida State's Terry Horner (Men's Diving); Miami's Brittany Viola (Women's Swimming); Virginia's Jennifer Crownell (Rowing); and Virginia Tech's Kristi Castlin (Track & Field).

Four-time Honor Roll recipient, Alison Bales of Duke also earned this year's Lowe's Senior CLASS Award for women's basketball. The honor stands for Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in School. ACC Tournament Most Valuable Player and the recipient of the Nancy Lieberman award, North Carolina's Ivory Latta joined Bales as a first-year Honor Roll member.

Virginia Tech (206)
James Aitken 1SwimmingJennifer Albrecht 3Volleyball
Lindsay Alexander 2SoccerSarah Ameen 1Swimming
Alexander Baden 2SoccerMason Baggett 2Football
Shota Ban 2SoccerChristian Barlow 2Cross Country
Abby Barney 1SwimmingJessica Battle 2Track
Inga Beermann 2TennisJeffrey Beyer 1Football
Adam Bingaman 3TrackJessica Botzum 3Swimming
Matthew Boyd 2GolfJessica Brouwer 1Tennis
Robert Buck 1WrestlingBlaire Buergler 1Swimming
Steven Bumbry 1BaseballAkil Burgess 3Tennis
Kristen Burtch 2LacrosseBeth Byrum 3Swimming
Kristen Callan 3TrackCharlie Campbell 1Soccer
Pete Cancila 2SwimmingJoshua Canova 1Baseball
Kristi Castlin 1TrackRobin Chidester 1Soccer
Kelly Clark 1Cross CountryRider Clauss 3Cross Country
Amanda Cloyd 2VolleyballBryan Collier 1Soccer
Jonathan Collier 1SoccerBrad Collins 2Soccer
Coleman Collins 3BasketballTerri Coover 2Lacrosse
Devin Cornwall 1Cross CountryMackenzie Costello 1Lacrosse
Chelsea Cramp 2TennisClark Crum 1Football
Rachel Culp 1LacrosseMark Czarny 1Wrestling
William Czekanski 2SoccerSamantha DeAlto 1Cross Country
Kelly deMarrais 1SwimmingClaire Dickey 2Swimming
Jennifer Dietz 3Cross CountryBrent Dillie 1Soccer
Scott Dillie 2SoccerLauren Dillon 3Swimming
Utahya Drye 1BasketballJudson Dunlevy 2Football
Jessica Earl 1SwimmingAshley Early 1Track
Matthew Ells 2SoccerKate Esbrook 2Volleyball
Rachel Fahlenkamp 1VolleyballJessica Fanning 3Cross Country
Tasmin Fanning 2Cross CountryBritt Faulkner 3Lacrosse
Christen Fratter 3LacrosseGregory Fryman 3Baseball
Heather Fulton 1SwimmingJessica Galindo 2Lacrosse
Fiona Gentles 1Cross CountryAshley German 1Lacrosse
James Gilson 1SoccerSean Glennon 3Football
Jackie Gray 3LacrosseSherlenia Green 2Track
Christina Griel 2LacrosseAnne Hague 1Lacrosse
Amber Hall 2BasketballHeather Hallberg 3Soccer
Queen Harrison 1TrackLaura Haskins 2Basketball
Kimberly Hickey 2SoccerEric Hilgartner 1Wrestling
Becky Horning 3SwimmingJonathan Huss 1Swimming
Ashley James 3TennisBethan James 1Tennis
Mary Kate James 1TennisCathy Jansen 2Volleyball
Julian Johnson 1SoccerStephanie Jones 2Swimming
Emily Jukich 1SoccerKevin Kadak 1Track
Nicholas Kaminski 1FootballAshleigh Keats 3Track
Bryana Keenan 3LacrosseAshley Kinser 3Soccer
Morgan Kowalchuk 1SwimmingGuni Kreb 1Track
Natalie Kretzer 2TennisAllie Kupec 3Volleyball
Paul LaPenna 2Cross CountryAlbert Larregola 2Tennis
Adriana Lemaitre 2BasketballMauri Liberati 2Soccer
Jessica Long 3TennisZachary Lowe 1Football
Allison Luttermoser 1SwimmingLisa MacPherson 1Cross Country
Erin Mahony 3TrackBrian Markley 3Cross Country
Steffanie Massetti 1SoftballKady McBrearty 1Lacrosse
Mickey McDonald 1SwimmingAbbyl McGrath 3Track
Jordan McHorney 2SwimmingBarrett Mears 1Football
Alex Mengel 1LacrosseTimothy Miller 1Wrestling
Igor Misljenovic 1TrackAndrew Montgomery 3Cross Country
Ashley Morgenstern 1Cross CountryKari Morrison 1Lacrosse
Karie Morrison 3SoftballSarah Muňoz 1Volleyball
Matej Muza 2TrackBen Nason 2Soccer
Megan Newell 1SwimmingMary Elizabeth Newton 3Soccer
Jamie Nichols 1Cross CountryDorian Nunley 2Softball
Sean O'Brien 1BaseballWilliam Oldham 1Golf
Erin Ota 2SoftballBrandon Pace 3Football
Chris Padilla 2Cross CountryPhil Padilla 2Cross Country
Rosemary Patterson 3LacrosseNicole Pederson 1Cross Country
Kelly Phillips 1TrackDustin Pickle 2Football
Lindsay Pieper 3LacrosseEduardo Pinto 1Tennis
Laurie Puglisi 2SoccerArvid Puranen 3Tennis
Steven Ratley 1WrestlingErin Reddan 1Cross Country
Marcus Reed 2SoccerJenna Reich 2Lacrosse
Matthew Reidy 2FootballCallie Rhodes 3Softball
Jenna Rhodes 2SoftballJohn Riley 1Swimming
Ignaci Roca 3TennisAndrew Rogers 1Swimming
Kelsy Rokey 2SoftballEddie Royal 2Football
Kathy Russo 1LacrosseJulie Sablik 1Swimming
Joe Samaniuk 3TrackBrian Saunders 1Football
Neil Savage 3SwimmingWarren Schaeffer 3Baseball
Kate Schilling 3LacrosseErika Schroeder 1Track
Diana Sciambi 2TrackAlexey Sergeev 2Tennis
Natalie Sherbak 3Cross CountryKristi Sieber 1Soccer
Sara Smith 2SwimmingWilliam Snyder 1Wrestling
Mallory Soldner 3SoccerAnthony Sosnoskie 1Baseball
Britni Spruill 3TrackChad Steuck 2Soccer
Caroline Stolle 2SoftballMegan Strawther 1Soccer
Katie Suhr 1SwimmingRyan Sypniewski 1Golf
Kendra Sytsma 2VolleyballBryan Thomas 2Baseball
Zachary Thomas 3Cross CountryCaitlin Thornley 1Track
Matthew Tilley 1FootballAngela Tincher 3Softball
Jurrian Van der Vaart 2GolfDuncan Vick 3Cross Country
Jennifer Wade 3TrackCarl Wakely 3Golf
Abbey Walker 1TennisCourtney Walsh 1Swimming
Taylor Walsh 2SoccerBriana Warner 1Lacrosse
Casey Warner 2LacrosseBeau Warren 1Football
Asia Washington 1TrackMegan Waters 1Lacrosse
Carlton Weatherford 2FootballDrew Weaver 2Golf
Jamie Webster 3LacrosseAndrew Wells 3Baseball
Matthew Welsh 1FootballTravis Willson 1Baseball
Lewis Witcher 1BasketballJason Worilds 1Football
James Young 1WrestlingRachel Young 2Soccer
Kenny Younger 1FootballDavid Zappacosta 1Baseball
Kristy Zeigler 1LacrosseAnna Zitt 1Softball