Body Composition Analysis (Bod Pod)
The Bod Pod is a machine that measures body composition through air displacement and lung volume. The amount of body fat and lean muscle mass can then be calculated. From start to finish, the test takes less than five minutes. Research has shown that an increase in lean muscle mass will increase athletic performance. This machine is used to help Tech athletes reach their highest athletic potential.
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Nutrition Education
One-on-one nutrition counseling to discuss personal goals, weight loss, diet plans and supplement information is available to student-athletes. Information for sport specific team education concerning hydration, pre and post game meals, dining hall eating, carbohydrates, protein, fat and common nutritional misconceptions are also available.

Grocery Shopping Tour
Student athletic teams can be escorted to local grocery stores by the sports nutrition staff members to learn to shop in a cost-effective way, and to enable athletes to select foods to help enhance physical performance.

Banned Substance Education
Information provided on NCAA banned substances. Athletes are to report all nutrition supplements to the sports nutritionist for education and approval.

Nutrition Oasis
The Nutrition Oasis is a resource room providing protein recovery drinks, Gatorade, fruit & bagels to all athletes. Nutrition and supplement educational materials are also offered.
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Nutrition & Performance Committee

To provide an interdisciplinary approach toward achieving optimal performance and health by integrating current medical, nutrition, psychological and strength and conditioning research and services for Virginia Tech student-athletes.

Dr. Mark Rogers, Team Physician
(540) 231-7741

Gary Bennett, Sport Psychologist
(540) 231-2556

Megan Evans, Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning
(540) 231-3778

Erin Cash, Senior Director, Sports Medicine
Jennie Zabinsky, Assistant Athletics Director, Sports Nutrition
Aly Onyon, Assistant Director, Sports Nutrition