Each Hokie Club member and season ticket holder is affected in some way by the reseating of Lane Stadium. The goal of the Ladder is to treat each person fairly by integrating athletics giving and continuous years of season ticket purchases for an equitable priority order by which season tickets are assigned. As we move forward we want to provide as much information as possible so you can make honest and reasonable decisions during the reseating. Each person’s case will be different but here are some examples that you may encounter during the process.

Example #1
John is a Hokie Club member and ranked 685 as a Golden Champion. In the past, he has purchased six season tickets and a parking pass. Confident his rank is high enough to provide the seat location he desires, John decides to maintain his giving level. John will be assigned an appointment time per his ranking on Step #2 of the Ladder to select his seats and a selection time based on his Hokie Club point priority to select his parking. During his selection time, John will log into the system and select his six tickets and parking pass.

Example #2
Paul is a Hokie Club member at the Golden Hokie Level. In the past, he has purchased six season tickets; four in Section 15 and two in the upper deck of the South End Zone. After consulting the stadium map and estimated ticket data for the 2012 reseating on pages 10 – 11, he decides to upgrade his membership to obtain similar seats in Section 15. Paul contributes an additional $3,000 to the Hokie Club prior to December 31, 2011, making him a Platinum Hokie. Paul will now be assigned an appointment time on Step #2 of the Ladder. At his appointment time, he will log into the system and select all six season tickets in-priority. Hokie Club members at the Platinum Hokie level and above may select up to six tickets in-priority. In order to retain these seats in subsequent years, Paul will need to maintain an active Hokie Club membership as a Platinum Hokie since he selected them at that particular giving level. If his membership becomes inactive or downgraded, his seats will be moved to a different location.

Example #3
Barry has four Outdoor Club seats in Section 10. Will his Outdoor Club seats be subject to the reseating? Yes. All club seats in Lane Stadium are now eligible to be reseated. Barry will be assigned an individual appointment time based on his rank within the Ladder. At that time, he will log into the system to select his four Outdoor Club seats.

Example #4
Gayle is a Hokie Club member and ranked 2300 as a Golden Hokie. Her friends with whom she currently has neighboring seats are also Golden Hokies; Howard is ranked 1945 and Becky is ranked 2755. They have decided that they now wish to sit together. Do they need to indicate this intention on the order form? Yes. The 2012 order form will have a check box where each patron can inform the Athletics Ticket Office if they wish to group seat and/or park with others. However, they will NOT be required to send in the order forms together or inform the Athletics Ticket Office of the other individuals in their group request. The Athletics Ticket Office is only collecting and monitoring group seating and/or parking requests for internal use so it can assist each patron during the selection process.

To allow for the most flexibility, each patron’s selection time will be determined independent of any group seating requests. Howard’s selection time will be based on his rank of 1945; Gayle’s selection time will be based on her rank of 2300; and Becky’s selection time will be based on her rank of 2755. So when each selection time begins, the higher ranked person will have the option to bypass their ranking and wait for the lower ranked member(s) selection time to select seats together; or they may forgo the group request and select immediately based upon their position on the Ladder.

Example #5
Tony has been a season ticket holder for 34 years. He is considering upgrading his Hokie Club membership to improve his seat location. Would upgrading from Orange & Maroon Hokie to Bronze Hokie improve his seat location? Since Tony has been a season ticket holder for 34 years, even without a Hokie Club membership, he would select his seats at Step #7 on the Ladder. However, within those individual years of purchase, donors are ranked by their Hokie Club point priority. If Tony were to upgrade to the Bronze Hokie level, he would improve his ranking within Step # 7 for all season ticket holders with 34 years of purchase. If Tony wanted to drastically improve his seat selection time, he would need to increase to at least the Silver Hokie level. This would elevate him to Step # 6 on the Ladder.

Example #6
Ellen is a Silver Hokie with six season tickets, a donor parking pass, and two seats in the Zone Club area of the stadium. Will she be able to select all of her tickets and parking at the same time? No. Each patron will be assigned selection times for all that apply: 1) Priority tickets (season tickets and club tickets), 2) Parking Pass, 3) Tickets outside of priority limits. At each individual time, each patron will be able to log into the system and select only the appropriate items.

Example #7
Jake is a Hokie Club member and ranked 3155 as a Golden Hokie with 10 Zone Club and six Outdoor Club seats. Will he receive priority seating in each area when it comes time to select his seats, or will he have to choose which area he wants in-priority seats? Each club will be treated as a separate priority seating area. When Jake logs into the system to select his seats, he will be allowed to select 4 Zone Club seats in-priority and 4 Outdoor Club seats in-priority (as a Golden Hokie). He will receive a separate appointment time per Step #15 on the Ladder to select his remaining club tickets exceeding in-priority limits for each area.

Example #8
Adam is a Hokie Club member and ranked 10386 at the Hokie Club level. Over the past four years he has purchased two Zone Club seats. Planning for the 2012 reseating, he considers dropping the Zone Club seats and ordering regular season tickets. Since he previously had Zone Club seats, is Adam assured of getting regular season tickets in 2012? No. If Adam chooses to renew his Zone Club tickets, he will be assured of selecting two Zone Club seats again. However, if he orders regular season tickets and does not renew the Zone Club seats, his order will be filled based on availability as determined by his ranking on the Ladder. Season tickets have sold out since 1999, so there is a chance Adam would not have any seats in 2012 if he does not renew his Zone Club seats.