Data for Reseating

In order to help frame expectations for seating in 2012, the information below is provided. Over 12,000 customers purchase seats in Lane Stadium. Those individuals are a combination of approximately 9,000 Hokie Club members and 3,000 long-term season ticket purchasers. The color-coded map and corresponding ranking chart represent our best estimation of what the seating breakdown might look like for the 2012 reseating. The numbers in the color chart represent a variety of ranks within the Hokie Club. These colors represent our best estimation of which areas in Lane Stadium will be available to you during the seat selection process based upon your rank within the Ladder.

Points to Consider ...

When Reading This Stadium Map

  • Sections are distinguished from one another based on proximity to midfield, and the height within each section. East and West sidelines are treated equally within this estimation.
  • The middle rows within sections enjoy greater demand than the upper most rows and the lower most rows. Ticket holders should expect movement within and between sections based on differing preferences.
  • Premium seating areas will only be available in the selection process for those patrons who have preordered by the March 2 ticket order deadline.
  • Grayed-out areas represent premium seats, player parents, student tickets, and Athletics Department contract tickets. These tickets, with the exception of premium seats, will not be available in the seat selection process.
  • When Reading This Chart
    • Hokie Club Ranks listed in the key are based on projected point priority rankings as of December 31, 2011.
    • The colors correspond to the colored sections on the accompanying seat map.
    • Hokie Club Ranks within this color band are 2012 estimates based on mild-moderate growth at the Bronze Hokie level and above. Orange & Maroon and Hokie Club levels are projected with minor growth or similar membership totals from 2011 to 2012.
    • PLEASE NOTE: This data is only an estimation based on information gathered during the last reseating, current growth projections, and accumulated customer seat selection preferences. It is provided to help you form your expectations for seating as well as give you the information necessary to position yourself for the best seat possible. It is by no means given to guarantee seating within a specific section at a specific donor level.