HOKIES RESPECT is a sportsmanship awareness program designed to promote first-class fan conduct at Virginia Tech sporting events. At Virginia Tech, we treasure and protect college game day.

We wish to remind and empower Hokie fans to be caretakers of college game day in Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum. Disrespectful conduct results in a game day environment that is less enjoyable for the majority of fans in attendance.

While the extremes of this unwanted behavior and its subculture are not commonplace at Virginia Tech Athletics events, it is incumbent upon all of us to join together for HOKIES RESPECT. Please join us in our efforts to maintain Virginia Tech's national reputation as a tenacious opponent, a tough place to play and always a first-class host.

Hear Director of Athletics Jim Weaver share the goals of Hokies Respect, and the role the fans can play as part of this effort.    Hokie hospitality | Sportsmanship redux
by Charles W. Steger '69 - Fall 2006
Give a heapin' helpin' of Hokie hospitality
by Sherry Bithell - Fall 2006

There is nothing Hokie about these football fans
by Al Stephenson - September 30, 2007

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