Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Constitution and by-laws

Article I - Name
The Name of the organization shall be the Virginia Tech Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (VT-SAAC).

Article II - Purpose
  1. To generate a student-athlete voice in the University and Athletics communities.
  2. To promote effective communication between Athletics administration and the student-athletes to better serve their needs.
  3. To provide student-athletes with an opportunity to offer suggestions on programs designed to serve their needs.
  4. To encourage involvement of student-athletes in the campus and surrounding community life.
  5. To design and provide programs which will encourage academic achievement, health promotion, social responsibility, and general awareness.
  6. To promote better communication and camaraderie between teams.
  7. To receive information on and explanation of NCAA activities and legislation.
  8. To serve as liaisons between the athletics department and all student-athletes.
  9. To increase awareness of the athletic programs on the campus and in the surrounding communities.
  10. To enhance the overall image of student-athletes to all constituencies by serving as positive role models for the department, student-athletes and children.

Article III - Membership
  1. This organization does not discriminate in the selection of members. The SAAC representative for the current year will, in written form provide, the coach with the name(s) of a nominee(s) for the coming academic year prior to Spring Break. The representative can present the names of the current representatives if they desire to continue in their role(s).
  2. Membership will include two representatives from each of the 19 varsity sports, student managers/trainers, cheerleaders/hightechs. Both representatives are required to attend, unless absence is excused or team is out of town for competition. (see Article VI: Section 2: Attendance)
  3. VT-SAAC Advisors who do not have voting power are:
    1. Athletic Department staff
  4. Minimum requirements for membership are:
    • NCAA & VT academic eligibility during the appointment
    • Attendance at bi-weekly meetings

Article IV - Officers
Section 1: List of Officers
  • The VT-SAAC shall elect a President, Vice President and Secretary to be known collectively as the Executive Board.

Section 2: Powers and Duties
  1. The President shall preside over all SAAC meetings and communicate regularly with the Athletics administration and assemble the agenda for the regular SAAC meetings.
  2. The Vice President shall preside over all SAAC meetings in the absence of the President. Vice President will assist the President with scheduling and planning the meeting agenda with consultation from the Assistant Athletics Director for Student Services.
  3. The Secretary shall keep written records of all VT-SAAC general meetings and committee meetings. He/she shall record the minutes of the bi-weekly meetings and distribute to the committee and appropriate Athletics Department staff] no more than 10 calendar days from the date of the meeting.

Section 3: Election
  1. The appointment of the President, Vice President, and Secretary shall be determined by the vote of the VT-SAAC.
  2. Nominations for members of the Executive board shall be taken from the third to last meeting of the academic year through 5 p.m. the Thursday prior to the final meeting of the academic year.
  3. The elections shall occur at the final meeting of the academic year.

Section 4: Procedure to fill vacancies
  • The Vice President shall assume the position of President upon that seat's vacancy. The SAAC shall elect a new Vice President and/or Secretary upon the vacancy of those seats.

Article V - Organizational Structure
  1. The VT-SAAC shall meet bi-weekly and/or as necessary.

Article VI - Rules of Procedure
Section 1: Voting
  • Each team shall have one (1) vote. The two representatives must reach an agreement and cast one vote.

Section 2: Attendance
  1. All Representatives shall attend every meeting unless he/she has informed the Virginia Tech Athletics Director of Student Life of out of town team travel or equivalent legitimate excuse. If SAAC Representative is granted an excused absence, another team member must serve as a substitute representative at the appropriate SAAC meeting(s). (Unless team out of town)
  2. Unexcused Absences:
    1. 1st unexcused absence: SAAC representative meets with Director of Student Life to get meeting update and visit about missed meeting.
    2. 2nd unexcused absence: Head coach notified of absence and SAAC representative meets with Director of Student Life to get meeting update and visit about plan to attend remaining SAAC meetings.
    3. 3rd unexcused absence: SAAC representative replaced with a new team representative.

Section 3: Constitutional Changes
Proposed changes to the constitution must be provided to the membership in writing at least one week prior to voting.

For a proposed change to be adopted, 2/3 of the voting body in attendance is needed.

A quorum of the entire body must be in attendance for a vote on a constitutional change. Quorum for this body is set at 12 (50% plus 1).