August 13, 2008
    Atlantic Coast Conference Announces 2007-08 Academic Honor Roll
    A total of 2,710 athletes posted 3.0 or better GPAs in the past academic year

    GREENSBORO, N.C. - The 52nd annual Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll, noting academic excellence by student-athletes for the 2007-08 school year, was released today by Commissioner John D. Swofford.

    The Honor Roll is comprised of those student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.00 or better for the full academic year. This year saw 2,710 student-athletes honored for their hard work in the classroom. Boston College led the conference in total selections with 408. Duke, which led the ACC in student-athlete honorees each of the previous 20 years, placed second with 388.

    North Carolina was third with 286 honorees, while Maryland was fourth with 272. Virginia saw 226 student-athletes earn spots on the list, followed by Virginia Tech (201), Clemson (188), Florida State and NC State (174), Wake Forest (139), Miami (133), and Georgia Tech (121).

    Headlining this year's Honor Roll are 16 five-time honorees and 207 four-time recipients. Wake Forest claimed a league-leading four five-time honorees. Virginia claimed three, while Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech and NC State had two apiece and Maryland one. Those honorees include Clemson's Jay Crout and Bryce Herrington, Duke's Tony McDevitt and Nicholas O'Hara, Georgia Tech's David Herren and Taylor Narewski, Maryland's Charles Pinto, NC State's Jennifer Boyd and Christopher Kollar, Virginia's Meghan O'Leary, Janine Ricci and Taylor Smith; and Wake Forest's Jill Ahrens, Louis Frazier, Charles Mellies and Matthew Owen.

    The 2007-08 Academic Honor Roll includes 19 ACC Players of the Year. Individual honorees included on this year's list are Duke's Amanda Blumenherst (Women's Golf), Matt Danowksi (Men's Lacrosse) and DeMarcus Nelson (Basketball Defender); Florida State's Gonzalo Barroilhet (Men's Indoor Field) and Buster Posey (Baseball); Georgia Tech's Kristi Miller (Women's Tennis), Maryland's Omar Gonzalez (Men's Soccer Defender), Dana Dobbie (Women's Lacrosse), Crystal Langhorne (Women's Basketball) and Hudson Taylor (Wrestling); Miami's Reuben Ross (Men's Diving), Brittany Viola (Women's Diving) and Kristy Whyte (Women's Track); North Carolina's Rachel Dawson (Field Hockey Defender), NC State's Chris Kollar (Men's Cross Country), Wake Forest's Webb Simpson (Men's Golf), and Virginia Tech's Jessica Botzum (Women's Swimming), Brittany Pryor (Women's Indoor Field) and Angela Tincher (Softball Pitcher).

    The eight ACC Freshmen of the Year named to the honor roll include Duke's Emma Hamm (Women's Lacrosse), Florida State's Barroilhet (Men's Indoor Field), Georgia Tech's Guillermo Gomez (Men's Tennis), Miami's Brittany Steinbruch (Women's Soccer) and Chris Hernandez (Baseball); NC State's Colleen Wetherbee (Women's Cross Country), Virginia's Emil Heineking (Men's Cross Country) and Wake Forest's Natalie Sheary (Women's Golf).

    Virginia Tech (201)

    Markus Aigner 1 Soccer James Aitken 2 Swimming
    Jennifer Albrecht 4 Volleyball Thomas Amalfe 1 Basketball
    Sarah Ameen 2 Swimming Alexander Baden 3 Soccer
    Abby Barney 2 Swimming Inga Beermann 3 Tennis
    Katherine Berkel 1 Lacrosse Jeffrey Beyer 2 Football
    Kelsey Billups 1 Soccer Elise Birnbaum 1 Track & Field
    Jessica Botzum 4 Swimming Jake Bova 1 Swimming
    Brent Bowden 2 Football Andrew Bowman 1 Football
    Matthew Boyd 3 Golf Erin Bragg 1 Cross Country
    Jessica Brouwer 2 Tennis Blaire Buergler 2 Swimming
    Craig Burnell 1 Soccer Kristen Burtch 3 Lacrosse
    Elizabeth Byrum 4 Swimming Kristen Callan 4 Track & Field
    Charles Campbell 2 Soccer Millie Campbell 3 Swimming
    Peter Cancila 3 Swimming Elizabeth Carpenter 1 Lacrosse
    Collin Carroll 1 Football Kristi Castlin 2 Track & Field
    Robin Chidester 2 Soccer Robert Clauss 4 Cross Country
    Justin Clickett 1 Track & Field Amanda Cloyd 3 Volleyball
    Daniel Coale 1 Football Catherine Colliatie 1 Lacrosse
    Bryan Collier 2 Soccer Jonathan Collier 2 Soccer
    Brittany Cook 3 Basketball Terri Coover 3 Lacrosse
    Chelsea Cramp 3 Tennis Rachel Culp 2 Lacrosse
    Kristen Cunningham 1 Volleyball Mark Czarny 2 Wrestling
    Drew Czekanski 3 Soccer Eric Davis 1 Football
    Nicolas DelGabo De Robles 1 Tennis Blake DeChristopher 1 Football
    Kelly DeMarrais 2 Swimming Ian DeToll 1 Swimming
    Claire Dickey 3 Swimming Scott Dillie 3 Soccer
    Gemma Donovan 1 Volleyball Christopher Drager 1 Football
    Steffi Drechsel 1 Swimming Jacquelyn Duggins 1 Lacrosse
    Judson Dunlevy 3 Football Brendan Dunn 1 Soccer
    Jessica Earl 2 Swimming Ashley Early 2 Track & Field
    Aaron Eckstein 1 Golf Alexandra Emala 1 Lacrosse
    Jessica Emanuele 1 Volleyball Jessica Fanning 4 Cross Country
    Tasmin Fanning 3 Cross Country Samantha Ference 3 Cross Country
    Matthew Finnegan 1 Football Meghan Flesch 1 Soccer
    Christen Fratter 4 Lacrosse Megan Fuson 1 Cross Country
    Sarah Garner 1 Lacrosse Jillian Gergen 1 Volleyball
    James Gilson 2 Soccer Sean Glennon 4 Football
    William Gorham 1 Football Elizabeth Gosby 1 Softball
    Pedro Graber 1 Tennis Alex Grassi 1 Wrestling
    Sherlenia Green 3 Track & Field Christina Griel 3 Lacrosse
    Paul Grinups 1 Wrestling Kyle Guglielmo 2 Track & Field
    Matthew Hacker 1 Baseball Amber Hall 3 Basketball
    Heather Hallberg 4 Soccer Jennifer Harvey 1 Soccer
    Laura Haskins 3 Basketball Kimberly Hickey 3 Soccer
    Stefan Hock 1 Soccer Jesslyn Hodge 1 Softball
    Kelsey Hoffman 1 Softball John Hohman 1 Baseball
    Rebecca Horning 4 Swimming Sebastien Jacques 1 Tennis
    Bethan James 2 Tennis Catherine Jansen 3 Volleyball
    Julian Johnson 2 Soccer Jared Jones 1 Wrestling
    Mallory Jones 2 Soccer Stephanie Jones 3 Swimming
    Edward Judge 1 Cross Country Emily Jukich 2 Soccer
    Kevin Kadak 2 Cross Country Nicholas Kaminski 2 Football
    Christopher Kay 1 Baseball Dustin Keys 1 Football
    Mallory Kimsey 1 Soccer Lindsey King 1 Cross Country
    Nicole King 1 Soccer Scott King 2 Football
    Ashley Kinser 4 Soccer Natalie Kretzer 3 Tennis
    Michelle Lang 1 Volleyball Paul LaPenna 3 Cross Country
    Adriana Lemaitre 3 Basketball Marjorie Liberati 3 Soccer
    Lakeisha Logan 1 Basketball Jessica Long 4 Tennis
    Sarah Losinger 1 Swimming Lisa MacPherson 2 Cross Country
    Erin Mahony 4 Track & Field Katherine McBrearty 2 Lacrosse
    Jordan McHorney 3 Swimming Bart McMillin 2 Football
    Barrett Mears 2 Football Abigail Meyer 1 Swimming
    Benjamin Miller Swimming Timothy Miller 2 Wrestling
    Kari Morrison 2 Lacrosse Nicholas Murray 1 Wrestling
    Matej Muza 3 Track & Field Megan Newell 2 Swimming
    Mary Elizabeth Newton 4 Soccer Kevin O'Connor 1 Wrestling
    Erin Ota 3 Softball Christopher Padilla 3 Cross Country
    Phillip Padilla 3 Cross Country Jordan Parsels 1 Soccer
    Rosemary Patterson 4 Lacrosse Kelly Phillips 2 Track & Field
    Dustin Pickle 3 Football Shakirra Pinnock 1 Track & Field
    Timothy Pisano 1 Football Brittany Pryor 1 Track & Field
    Laura Beth Puglisi 3 Soccer Yoann Re 1 Tennis
    Marcus Reed 3 Soccer Jenna Reich 3 Lacrosse
    Jenna Rhodes 3 Softball John Riley 2 Swimming
    Lauren Ritter 1 Swimming Ignaci Roca 4 Tennis
    Andrew Rogers 2 Swimming Katie Rotanz 1 Lacrosse
    Sean Ryan 1 Baseball Julie Sablik 2 Swimming
    Matthew Saunders 1 Cross Country Ashley Seldon 1 Soccer
    Sara Shapiro 1 Swimming Natalie Sherbak 4 Cross Country
    Amber Sholl 1 Cross Country Kristi Sieber 2 Soccer
    Sara Smith 3 Swimming Anthony Sosnoskie 2 Baseball
    Britni Spruill 4 Track & Field Kylie Stankovics 1 Soccer
    David Stanton 1 Football Trey Stewart 1 Swimming
    Caroline Stolle 3 Softball Megan Strawther 2 Soccer
    Katharine Suhr 2 Swimming Theresa Sweeney 1 Lacrosse
    Zachary Thomas 4 Cross Country Caitlin Thornley 2 Track & Field
    Grant Throckmorton 2 Football Angela Tincher 4 Softball
    Jessica Trapeni 1 Cross Country Matt Tuttle 1 Football
    Jurrian van der Vaart 3 Golf Christopher Walizer 1 Cross Country
    Courtney Walsh 2 Swimming Taylor Walsh 3 Soccer
    Briana Warner 2 Lacrosse Casey Warner 3 Lacrosse
    Brett Warren 1 Football Asia Washington 2 Track & Field
    Carlton Weatherford 3 Football Andrew Weaver 3 Golf
    Andrew Wells 4 Baseball Matthew Welsh 2 Football
    Amy Wengrenovich 1 Volleyball Natalie West 1 Swimming
    Michele White 1 Swimming Caitlyn Wier 1 Lacrosse
    Felicia Willoughby 1 Volleyball Justin Young 1 Football
    Kenny Younger 2 Football Ashley Zanko 1 Cross Country
    David Zappacosta 2 Baseball Marc Zecchino 1 Baseball
    Georg Zehender 1 Soccer
    Number beside each name represents the number of appearances on the ACC Academic Honor Roll

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