Virginia Tech Cheerleading
Tryout Requirements

Tryouts for the 2018-19 season will be held April 20 & 21 in Cassell Coliseum.

2018 Tryout Information and Forms

Any current high school students to bring a copy of a physical within the last 6 months to tryouts.

Forms needed to tryout from the training room should be picked up on Friday, April 20 between Noon and 2pm.

Videos are accepted and must be received by Friday, April 20 at 5pm. Videos must include all the required skills performed at tryouts as well as all tryout paperwork and the reason you will not be attending tryouts.

Videos and forms can be sent to either or addressed to:
Perren Young
675 Washington St, SW
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Wednesday, April 11th 6-8pm
Thursday, April 12th 6:30-8:30pm
Wednesday, April 18th 6-8pm
Thursday, April 19th 6:30-8:30pm

Open practices will be held in the Back Gym of Cassell Coliseum. You must see our athletic trainer, Julie Kuhlman, before participating in any open practices. The athletic training room is located on the first floor of Cassell Coliseum. You will need to bring your insurance card and allow 10-15 minutes to see her to be cleared before practicing. High school athletes will need a copy of their high school physical in order to participate in open practices. Below are available times to see the athletic trainer and what to expect:
- Fill out several forms
- Vitals will be taken (height, vision, weight, blood pressure, temperature)
If you can not come during these times you need to email Julie Kuhlman directly ( and at least 24 hours prior to attending one of the practices


Friday, April 20, 2018:
3:30-4:30pm Registration
4:30-5:15pm Stretch and Warm-up
5:15pm Tryout Begin: You will be judged on ALL tumbling and a toss extension/hands ext
8:00pm Learn Sideline and Dance choreography
8:45pm Guys will do physical fitness
9:00pm Dismissed
9:30pm List should be posted on the door

Saturday, April 21, 2018:
8:45am Girls return and begin stretching
9:00am Girls Physical Fitness and interviews will begin
10:00am Guys arrive and begin interviews
Once all physical fitness and interviews are completed, there will be a brief lunch break
1:00pm Begin Day 2 judging
5:00pm Final list will be posted on the door and the 2018-19 squad members will come inside for pictures and a quick meeting

Girls trying out should wear a sports bra and shorts for both days of tryouts.

Stunts & Tumbling

Running Tumbling
1 - RO Back Handspring
2 - RO 2 Back Handsprings
3 - RO Tuck
4 - RO 3 Back Handsprings
5 - RO BH Tuck
6 - RO series Tuck
7-8 - RO BH Layout
8-9 - Specialty pass with a tuck or layout (whip, lay step out etc)
10-11 - RO BH Full
11-12 - Series to a Full
13-14 - Specialty pass with a full (Arabian, whip, full to a full etc)

Standing Tumbling
Backhandspring tuck is out of 5 points
*3 to full- max of 6 points
*2 to full- max of 7 points
*1 to full- max of 8 points

Standing tuck is out of 5 point
*Standing full- max of 8 points

Full Downs
1 - Hands Cradle
2 - Hand Corkscrew down
3 - Hands full down
4 - Extension full down
5 - Lib full down
6 - Double down from hands
7 - Stretch Full down
8 - Arabesque full down
9 - Scorpion full down
10-11 - Arabesque Double down
12-13 - Stretch Double down
13-14 - Scorpion Double down

Optional Combo (no more than 2 stunts)
1 - Hands stunt, chair
2 - Hands, toss hands
3 - Hands to one leg stunt
4 - One leg stunt, toss hands
5 - One leg stunt, cradle out, toss hands
6 - Toss stunt, cradle out, hands
7 - Toss stunt, cradle out, toss stunt
8 - Toss stunt, toss stunt
9 - Full up stunt, cradle out, toss stunt
10 - Toss stunt, full up stunt
11 - Full up, full up
12-13 - Rewind, cradle out, toss stunt
13-14 - Rewind, toss stunt
14-16 - Rewind, full up
+ 2 for full down in middle of combo
+ 2 for QP in a combo

(any elite stunt can be in place of the rewind such as back handspring ups, front handspring ups, etc)
Girls must stunt with 3 different guys.