Virginia Tech Cheerleading
    Tryout Requirements

    Tryouts for the 2015-16 season will be held May 1 & 2 in Cassell Coliseum.

    2015 Tryout Information and Forms

    You will also need to complete the on-line insurance information and the tryout registration.
    Any current high school students to bring a copy of a physical within the last 6 months to tryouts.

    Forms needed to tryout from the training room should be picked up on Friday, May 1 between Noon and 2pm.

    Tryout Schedule
    Friday, May 1, 2015:
    3:30-4:30pm Registration
    4:30-5:15pm Stretch and Warm-up
    5:15pm Tryout Begin: You will be judged on ALL tumbling and a toss extension/hands ext
    8:00pm Learn Sideline and Dance choreography
    8:45pm Guys will do physical fitness
    9:00pm Dismissed
    9:30pm List should be posted on the door

    Saturday, May 2, 2015:
    8:45am Girls return and begin stretching
    9:00am Girls Physical Fitness and interviews will begin
    10:00am Guys arrive and begin interviews
    Once all physical fitness and interviews are completed, there will be a brief lunch break
    1:00pm Begin Day 2 judging
    5:00pm Final list will be posted on the door and the 2015-2016 squad members will come inside for pictures and a quick meeting

    Girls trying out should wear a sports bra and shorts for both days of tryouts.

    Point Break Down
    Stunts and Tumbling

    Running Tumbling
    1 – RO Back Handspring
    2 - RO 2 Back Handsprings
    3 – RO Tuck
    4 – RO 3 Back Handsprings
    5 – RO BH Tuck
    6 – RO series Tuck
    7-8 - RO BH Layout
    8-9 - Specialty pass with a tuck or layout (whip, lay step out etc)
    10-11 – RO BH Full
    11-12 – Series to a Full
    13-14 - Specialty pass with a full (Arabian, whip, full to a full etc)

    Standing Tumbling
    Backhandspring tuck is out of 5 points
    *3 to full- max of 6 points
    *2 to full- max of 7 points
    *1 to full- max of 8 points

    Standing tuck is out of 5 point
    *Standing full- max of 8 points

    Jumps to Tumbling
    Toe touch back handspring tuck- out of 5 points
    *Toe touch 3 to full- max of 6 points
    *Toe touch 2 to full- max of 7 points
    *Toe touch 1 full- max of 8 points

    Full Downs
    1 – Hands Cradle
    2 - Hand Corkscrew down
    3 – Hands full down
    4 – Extension full down
    5 – Lib full down
    6 – Double down from hands
    7 – Stretch Full down
    8 – Arabesque full down
    9 – Scorpion full down
    10-11 – Arabesque Double down
    12-13 – Stretch Double down
    13-14 – Scorpion Double down

    Optional Combo (no more than 2 stunts)
    1 – Hands stunt, chair
    2 – Hands, toss hands
    3 – Hands to one leg stunt
    4 – One leg stunt, toss hands
    5 - One leg stunt, cradle out, toss hands
    6 – Toss stunt, cradle out, hands
    7 - Toss stunt, cradle out, toss stunt
    8 – Toss stunt, toss stunt
    9 – Full up stunt, cradle out, toss stunt
    10 – Toss stunt, full up stunt
    11 – Full up, full up
    12-13 – Rewind, cradle out, toss stunt
    13-14 - Rewind, toss stunt
    14-16 - Rewind, full up
    + 2 for full down in middle of combo
    + 2 for QP in a combo

    (any elite stunt can be in place of the rewind such as back handspring ups, front handspring ups, etc)
    Girls must stunt with 3 different guys.

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      Rector Fieldhouse
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