Virginia Tech Strength and Conditioning Mission Statement
    The mission of Virginia Tech strength and conditioning program is to assist athletes in the development of their physical potential. This mission is undertaken in an effort to minimize athletically related injuries and to enhance athletic performance.

    About the Program
    There is a saying in athletics that tradition never grows old. Under the leadership of Associate Athletics Director for Athletic Performance Mike Gentry, there is a sense of stability and direction that permeates the Virginia Tech strength and conditioning program. This foundation, combined with the energy and innovation of strength and conditioning directors Jarrett Ferguson (football), David Jackson (men’s and women’s basketball) and Terry Mitchell (Olympic sports), provides Virginia Tech athletes with a great formula for success.

    The stated objectives for the Virginia Tech strength and conditioning program include improved athletic performance and decreased severity and incidence of athletically related injury.

    A holistic approach is taken when designing the athlete’s training plan to address all relevant aspects of the athlete’s physical needs, including strength and power development, speed and agility training, flexibility and specific conditioning. This year-round approach, under the direct supervision of qualified, motivated strength and conditioning professionals, offers Virginia Tech athletes their best chance to perform well and stay healthy.

    Regular and comprehensive physical testing and evaluation of all aspects of the program combined with close communication between the athletes, the sport coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches, provides the athlete and sport coach with the appropriate information related to program efficiency and the individual athlete’s training progress.

    Virginia Tech strength and conditioning is blessed with spacious, state-of-the-art training facilities, including the Merryman Center strength and conditioning facility, (17,000 sq. feet), the Olympic sports athletic performance training facility, (7,500 sq. feet) and the men and women’s basketball strength and conditioning facility (4,000 sq. feet.).

    Facilities, coaching and a commitment to excellence create the cornerstones of the Virginia Tech strength and conditioning program.

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