Hahn Hurst Basketball Practice Center Strength & Conditioning Room

In 2009, Virginia Tech opened the Hahn Hurst Practice Center for the men’s and women’s basketball programs. This 49,000 square-foot facility contains the best in everything for the basketball programs at Tech.

In addition to including separate practice courts, locker rooms, lounges, team meeting rooms and coaches offices, the center includes 3,500 square feet of space dedicated to the strength and conditioning of the basketball student-athletes.

Four power towers headline the space. These towers allow for performing multiple exercises, but are primarily used for squats to increase core strength. The towers include Olympic weights and bumper plates. Two safety squat bars are available for working the back and leg muscles

The strength and conditioning room also features four benches for performing the bench press, and five dumbbell benches. The dumbbell rack includes two sets of dumbbells ranging from five pounds to 100 pounds.

The room includes two cable row machines, two lat pull-down machines, two bear squat machines, and two Nautilus leg press machines. Two Pit Sharks help players work a variety of muscles and increase strength, power and flexibility, and the room also has two reverse hyperextension machines that work the lower back, glute muscles, and hamstrings. Four trap bars are available to work the muscles in the shoulders.

A portion of the strength and conditioning room in the Hahn Hurst Center is devoted for conditioning. This area includes two Precor treadmills, two Precor elliptical machines and a Precor upright bike. It also includes a Nautilus free motion machine.

In addition to all this equipment, the strength and conditioning room features three slide boards that help with lower body balance and power, numerous medicine balls and several plyometric boxes for box jumps that enhance explosiveness and power.

The strength and conditioning room also has two offices – one each for the men’s basketball strength and conditioning coordinator and the women’s basketball strength and conditioning coordinator. And it includes a huge area for storage.

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