Men's & Women's Basketball Records

The main objective of the Virginia Tech basketball strength and conditioning program is to decrease the risk and severity of injuries and to improve on-court performance. This is done with scientifically and practically proven training protocols. These methods include ground-based, multi-joint exercises, high velocity explosive exercises, and the principles of muscular overload, periodization and specificity of conditioning.

Periodically, David Jackson, who coordinates strength and conditioning for the men’s basketball team, and Brandon Dillard, who coordinates strength and conditioning for the women’s basketball team, test the players in an array of categories, including the one rep max bench press (amount of weight), the 185-pound bench rep max (number of times), the standing vertical jump, the three-step vertical jump, pull-ups, suicide (timed), running the length of the court and back (timed), the broad jump and the lane agility test (timed).

Here are the record holders for each category, with the teams being split into guards and post players:

Men's BasketballGuards Post
1 RM BenchA. Ray3601998M. Dongo3802001
185 Bench Rep MaxD. Hudson192011C. Raines202013
Standing VertA. Ray39.5"1999L. Witcher35.5"2007
3-Step VertA. Smith46"2013JT Thompson41.75"2010
Pull-UpsM. Delaney192008B. Matthews352002
SuicideM.Delaney24.292008L. Witcher25.592008
Down & BackJ. Racer7.52012L. Witcher7.592008
Broad JumpT. Garland10' 1"2010L. Witcher10' 4"2008
Lane AgilityA. Smith9.542013C. Raines9.972013
Women's BasketballGuards Post
1 RM BenchM. Tellier1602012L.Guarneri1852001
Standing VertA. Fenyn26.25"2009M.Ownings29.5"1997
3-Step VertA. Fenyn31.05"2010U.Ugoka29"2013
Down & BackA.Wilson8.062012N.Evans8.652010
Broad JumpH.Young8'32013N.Evans8'32013
Lane AgilityA.Wilson10.092012N.Evans10.162013