Football Training Philosophy

At Virginia Tech, we believe in a holistic approach to developing the athleticism of our football players.  We evaluate the individual physical needs of players, the physical demands of the game itself and the requirements of each particular sport position.  We then devise a program of exercise to best meet these previously identified needs.

Multi-joint, ground-passed, open-chained exercises are prevalently utilized in our program.  We believe in training with exercises of higher velocity to increase explosive power output and use different modalities to accomplish this, including Olympic style weight lifting exercises, plyometric exercises, Vertimax training, use of Tendo units, etc. We utilize different periodization models to accomplish the most appropriate goal of the training cycle.

We understand the need to systematically train for speed- and position-specific speed and agility. No aspect of athletic performance training can be overlooked.

Finally, we appreciate the many times it’s not whether the design of the program works, but whether the athlete doing the program works that will determine the outcome of the training.  We strive to motivate, encourage and hold our athletes accountable to the training.