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    Virginia Tech Strength & Conditioning

    In 2000, the decision was made to provide an additional football strength and conditioning award that would be more comprehensive in nature. The Excalibur Award system looks at all relevant tested areas of football strength and conditioning from strength and power to acceleration, speed, flexibility and agility. At each testing opportunity, each athlete is evaluated on all predetermined tests of athletic performance from the strength exercises to vertical jump, 10-yard sprint, 40-yard dash, 5-10-5 shuttle run, etc. Players are grouped into similar body types and football responsibilities.

    The actual grading scale was created from test data collected from the college and pro teams. To receive the highly competitive and esteemed Excalibur Award, the player must average in the top eight percent of the chart (superior level) for all tested criteria).

    J. ANDERSON'03'04'05
    L. AUSTIN'01
    C. BURNETTE'04
    C. COLAS'02
    J.C. COLEMAN'15
    A. CONTE'14
    M. DAVIS'12
    J. FERGUSON'00'01
    B. FRYE'04'05'06
    J. GAYLE'11
    L. GIBSON'14
    J. KINZER'05
    M. LEHR'00
    J. MARTIN'04
    W. MONTGOMERY'04'05
    J. PHILLIPS'12
    V. ROBINSON'02
    J. SPENCE'02
    D. TAPP'04
    E. WILFORD'02'03
    W. TELLER'14'15
    J. WORILDS'08
    B. WYNN'00
    K. YOUNGER'07'08

    Virginia Tech Strength & Conditioning

    The Super Iron Hokie award system is the longest award currently being used by the Hokies. This tiered system of recognizing proficiency in the core or foundational exercises tested in the program was first implemented in 1987.These lifts usually include the power clean, bench press, back or front squat and the overhead push jerk.

    Each lift has four tiered levels of achievement. The tiered achievement standards range from rudimentary competency (maroon) to a very high achievement level (Iron Hokie). A player who achieves the Iron Hokie level at all designated exercises is awarded the highly coveted Super Iron Hokie title.

    Super Iron Hokie winners are the only players allowed to lift on the special Super Iron Hokie platform. All Super Iron Hokie winners’ names who complete their eligibility with the team are recognized on the weight room awards board.

    The players are organized into groups of similar body types and responsibilities. For instance, offensive linemen and defensive tackles work together; wide receivers, tailbacks and defensive backs work together, etc.

    N. ACREE'12
    N. ADIBI'03
    J. ALLEN'03'04'05'06
    J. ANDERSON'02'03'04'05
    L. AUSTIN'00'01
    M. BAAQUEE'02'03'04
    T. BARFIELD'11'12
    W. BARON'15
    K. BATTLE'10
    B. BENEDICT'12'13'14
    G. BOONE'05'06'07'08'09
    D. BROWN'05
    C. BURNETTE'04'05'06
    N. BUSH'13
    T. BUTLER'00
    J. CANDELAS'04'05
    M. CARTER'10
    K. CHANCELLOR'07'08'09
    C. CLARK'14'15
    C. CLIFTON'03'04
    D. COALE'09
    C. COLAS'01'02'03
    J.C. COLEMAN'13'14'15
    D.J. COLES'11'13
    A. CONTE'13'14'15
    T. CONWAY'03'04
    M. DAVIDSON'07'08
    A. DAVIS'00
    M. DAVIS'09'10'11'12
    D. DINARDO'13'14
    D. EASLICK'02'03
    TR. EDMUNDS'15
    K. EKANEM'14'15
    A. EXUM'11'12
    B. FACYSON'14'15
    B. FRYE'05'06
    K. FULLER'13
    G. GADDELL'13
    J. GAYLE'10'11'12'13
    L. GIBSON'12'13'14
    J. GALANTE'14'15
    C. GORDON'05'07
    B. GORE'03'04'05'06
    J. HAMILTON'03'04'05
    O. HASHISH'04'05
    C. HILL'11
    C. HUMES'03'04'05
    J. HYMAN'07
    M. IMOH'03'04'05
    K. JARRETT'13'14
    R. JOHNSON'02'03
    G. JONES'15
    K. JONES'03
    K. KEISTER'02
    J. KING'04'05
    S. KING'06'07
    J. KINZER'03'04'05'06
    J. LALLIS'01
    N. LEESON'04'05'06
    Z. LUCKETT'07'08
    B. MANNING'01'02'03'04
    N. MARSHMAN'06'07'08
    J. MARTIN'04'05
    D. MCGRATH'05
    D. MCGREEVY'07'08
    D. MCKINNON'12
    D. MEYER'00
    J. MEYERS'03'04
    W. MONTGOMERY'03'04'05
    D. MORGAN'10
    J. MORGAN'05'06'07
    M. MUNCEY'08
    J. OGLESBY'07'08'09'10
    V. PAINTER'11
    J. PATTEN'06
    D. PEREZ'05'06'07'08
    J. PHILLIPS'09'10'11'12
    D. PICKLE'06
    D. PORCH'07'08'09
    B. RANDALL'02'03'04
    D. RILEY'13'14'15
    B. RIVERS'07'08'09
    V. ROBINSON'01'02'03
    B. RODY'13
    S. ROGERS'14
    E. ROYAL'06
    M. SCALES'11
    N. SCHMITT'03'04'05'06
    R. SHUMAN'06
    J. SLYE'15
    J. SPENCE'00'01'02
    P. STURDIVANT'07'08
    L. SUGGS'00'01'02
    D. TAPP'03'04'05
    D. TAYLOR'05'06'07'08'09
    Q. TAYLOR'15
    T. TAYLOR'09'10
    W. TELLER'14'15
    L, THOMAS'11
    R. VANDYKE'13'14'15
    M. VICK'00
    D. WANG'11
    J. WARDACH'09
    C. WEATHERFORD'06'07
    E. WHITLEY'10
    E. WILFORD'00'01'02'03
    J. WORILDS'08
    K. YOUNGER'06'07'08'09'10

    National Strength & Conditioning Association

    This award is a subjective award recommended by the strength and conditioning coach and approved by the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s national office. The Tech strength and conditioning staff has always recommended seniors who have contributed on the field as well as having excelled in the strength and conditioning area. This objective excellence in the program must be matched with a great work ethic and a demonstrated spirit of leadership.

    The following football players have earned All-America honors by the NSCA:

    Earnie Jones1987
    Todd Granthan1988
    James Randall Crockrell1989
    Karl Borden1990
    William Boatwright1991
    Vaughn Hebron1992
    Jim Payne1993
    Jim Baron1995
    George DelRicco1996
    Jim Drunkenmiller1996
    Waverly Jackson1996
    Myrone Newsome1996
    Todd Washington1998
    Pierson Prioleau1999
    John Engelberger2000
    Cory Bird2001
    Matt Lehr2001
    Josh Redding2001
    Jake Grove2004
    Vegas Robinson2004
    Will Montegomery2006
    Demetrius Taylor2010
    John Graves2011
    Marcus Davis2013
    Vinston Painter2013

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