W.A. and Mae Street Olympic Sports Athletic Performance Center

In 2012, the athletics department opened the W.A. and Mae Street Olympic Sports Athletic Performance Center to assist Olympic sports student-athletes in training for their respective sports.

The facility cost $1 million and features more than 6,000 square feet filled with weights, barbells, weight racks and other assorted equipment designed to help one get stronger, bigger and faster. The new center also features an 1,800 square-foot mezzanine level filled with equipment to help enhance the functional movement of Tech’s athletes and thus prevent injuries.

The facility is located in what used to be an old practice gym for basketball, volleyball and wrestling. But Southland Construction, the company that won the bid for the building of the center, gutted the gym, installing a new air conditioning system, new lighting, new windows on both sides and new offices, while also building the mezzanine level for the functional movement area.

The new center also includes a sound system, two large flatscreen televisions and a small area for a camera. The video staff uses this equipment to show the proper technique for various lifts and also for when it holds strength and conditioning clinics.

In addition to having a full range of equipment for strength and conditioning, Tech’s Olympic sport coaches like the new center because of its location. The baseball and softball coaches’ offices are directly across the hall, while the track and field, swimming and diving, soccer and volleyball coaches’ offices are just one floor above.

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