Olympic Sports Testing Records

    Virginia Tech’s Olympic sports programs are designed based upon the athletes’ current level of overall physical development and the physical components necessary to be successful in their sport. Virginia Tech’s programs are designed to first build a foundation of strength necessary for improvements in power, speed, agility and endurance. A strong emphasis is also placed upon trying to prevent injuries that are common to each sport. As athletes advance, special exercises or more sport-specific exercises are introduced to meet the physical demands of the sport. Virginia Tech’s belief is there is a time and place for every type of training.

    Testing is used to evaluate various components of fitness such as muscular strength, muscular endurance, power, speed, body composition and flexibility. Record boards are used to motivate athletes and to evaluate the strength and conditioning programs.

    Here is Virginia Tech’s Olympic sports record board for each of the various lifts tested:

    Athlete NameWeightYearAthlete NameWeightYear
    Women's CheerleadingM. Griffin1642003M. Griffin273 RM2002
    Men's CheerleadingA. Hutchings4402009A. Hampton5652013
    Women's BasketballL. Guarneri1852001E. Gibson3392004
    Men's BasketballM. Dongo3802001T. Taylor5302002
    BaseballT. Horan3752012N. Perlozzo5451998
    SoftballM. Evans2052004M. Evans3052003
    Women's Cross CountryV. Green1401997L. Nakovich2351998
    Men's Cross CountryP. Warren2731997S. Dixon3191997
    GolfT. Lesperance2701999T. Lesperance3121999
    LacrosseK. Patton1502012A. Emala262 RM2007
    Women's SoccerV S Kantanka1602000V S Kantanka310 RM2000
    Men's SoccerK. Korte3102000K. Korte4102000
    Women's SwimmingP. Boyle1701990K. Neptun2661997
    Men's SwimmingJ. Frost3111999A. Skipper4052011
    Women's TennisM. Martaus1352000M. Martaus255 RM2001
    Men's TennisG. Baynham2801999A. Burgess440 RM2007
    Women's TrackF. Alabi1952010K. Ricks3202000
    Men's TrackD. Stith3201996J. Griffee4601999
    Women's ThrowersB. Pryor2802009B. Pryor4502009
    Men's ThrowersJ. Clickett4652008M. Leslie6401999
    VolleyballE. Jeffers1802001T. Parrish3172007
    WrestlingJ. Feldman4051993J. Feldman5651993
    HighTechsK. Pratt1312001N. Meyers2352000
    Athlete NameWeightYearAthlete NameWeightYear
    Women's CheerleadingE. Greenberg1202012T. Niang1202013
    Men's CheerleadingA. Hutchings3222009J. Strada2752013
    Women's BasketballN/AC. Lee1551994
    Men's BasketballN/AA. Ray3451999
    BaseballT. Horan3202012N/A
    SoftballD. Anderson1702013J. McKibben1651998
    Women's Cross CountryN/AR. Britt1151999
    Men's Cross CountryN/AN/A
    LacrosseS. Hazel1522003M. Wagner1301997
    Women's SoccerB. Eason1642003N/A
    Men's SoccerN/AN/A
    Women's SwimmingE. Veltman1252003L. Parker951994
    Men's SwimmingH. Cefalo2452012J. McElvain2351989
    Women's TennisM. Martaus1372000K. Chen1101996
    Men's TennisT. Kujundzic2102011N/A
    Women's TrackB. Spruill1962007J. Reeser2051997
    Men's TrackD. Caines2862001B. Hunter3451999
    Women's ThrowersR. Martin2262000T. Burns2502009
    Men's ThrowersS. Hahn3742004L. Mustafic3802012
    VolleyballT. Parrish1852009C. Bundy1951998
    WrestlingT. Miller3112008T. Miller3122008
    HighTechsJ. Newkirk1052012J. Newkirk1102012
    Athlete NameWeightYearAthlete NameWeightYear
    Women's CheerleadingN/AM. Griffin1542003
    Men's CheerleadingN/AA. Hutchins3322009
    Women's BasketballN/AN/A
    Men's BasketballN/AN/A
    Women's Cross CountryN/AN/A
    Men's Cross CountryN/AN/A
    Women's SoccerN/AN/A
    Men's SoccerN/AN/A
    Women's SwimmingN/AN/A
    Men's SwimmingN/AN/A
    Women's TennisN/AN/A
    Men's TennisN/AG. Reynolds1862002
    Women's TrackL. Birnbaum1072010L. Allin1502012
    Men's TrackD. Caines1852001B. Johnson2102012
    Women's ThrowersK. Callan1592005C. Ayangbile2452009
    Men's ThrowersS. Hahn3082004M. Lomnicky3872009
    VolleyballN/AK. Caine1552013
    WrestlingT. Ovalle2132004J. Cies2852000
    HighTechsN/AT. Gregory1252003
    Athlete NameInchesYearAthlete NameTotalYear
    Women's CheerleadingA. Curran26.52002M. Griffin422002
    Men's CheerleadingC. Clayborne36.52003J. Lindeman632002
    Women's BasketballR. Maitland291997M. Owings302000
    Men's BasketballA. Ray39.51999E. Lucas541998
    BaseballN. Perlozzo421997W. Schaeffer532005
    SoftballB. Smith24.52009C. Crowell332002
    Women's Cross CountryC. McNeely221999K. Price302001
    Men's Cross CountryB. Matthews281993M. Krycinski431999
    GolfM. Bailey27.52008T. Lesperance451999
    LacrosseK. Patten25.52009M. Wagner291996
    Women's SoccerV S Kantanka272002M. Newton412007
    Men's SoccerG. Owens362000M. Serio631993
    Women's SwimmingK. Suhr262008K. Most401999
    Men's SwimmingJ. Frost341999D. Szabo802003
    Women's TennisK. Chen23.51995J. Margopulos331999
    Men's TennisA. Krafft31.51998I. Chaney471999
    Women's TrackM. Burgess311998J. Reeser401998
    Men's TrackD. McCoy402000J. Davis762011
    Women's ThrowersM. Smith28.51997R. Martin242000
    Men's ThrowersE. Kingston341998G. Hummel412001
    VolleyballM. Barnes291996J. Arbuckle321995
    WrestlingJ. Villanueva38.52004J. Gaysek1232000
    HighTechsD. Newburg24.52012K. Pratt332001
    Athlete NameTotalYear
    Women's CheerleadingH. Linden322001
    Men's CheerleadingM. Ivey332002
    Women's BasketballC. Mason252005
    Men's BasketballB. Matthews352002
    BaseballJ. Day341999
    SoftballS. Kujawa162009
    Women's Cross CountryS. Ingersol161998
    Men's Cross CountryC. Kopec291998
    GolfM. Bailey252011
    LacrosseA. Gale152011
    Women's SoccerJ. Harvey272010
    Men's SoccerH. Russel372003
    Women's SwimmingK. Gloor342000
    Men's SwimmingZ. McGinnis392012
    Women's TennisJ. Margopulos111999
    Men's TennisG. Baynham291999
    Women's TrackJ. Reeser251996
    Men's TrackD. McCoy502002
    Women's ThrowersM. Zengilowski131997
    Men's ThrowersE. Kingston321999
    VolleyballM. Markowski272004
    WrestlingJ. Dong532009/10
    HighTechsJ. Chow312002

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