June 10, 2014
June 10th
Student-Athlete Development: Dominican Republic Blog

Today is our first day here in the Dominican Republic that we have no specifically planned activities. I think many of us wish we were back at camp today playing with the children of Veron! This is a day of reflection and classwork. We woke up today with morning workouts on the beach, and then headed to class at ten. Our brains were fired up as we spoke to each other about program planning and implementing ideas we have come up with involving this course as soon as we get back to Tech. The entire class has come up with some awesome thoughts to keep us connected with the children throughout the year, and ideas for fundraising to benefit those we have encountered while here in the Dominican Republic.

Reflecting on the past week is almost too difficult to put into words. This is an experience that has changed us all for the better. Between running camp, working and interacting with the DPV guys, playing with the children of Veron, and going to the batey, we have all taken in lessons that we will carry with us throughout our lives. Thinking back to the first day we started camp seems like weeks ago. We have done so much during our time here, and it is going to be almost impossible to say goodbye. But since we still have some time left, we are going to make the best of it!

To cap off the day, we spent the remainder of our time together at the beach. We hung out in the water, and we even saw a stingray! Tomorrow we are looking forward to our beach day and then we are gearing up to leave on Thursday. We will not only continue with class when we return to Blacksburg, but we will continue with our leadership skills as well. We are sad to leave, but we can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

Katie Rogers

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