Day 8: A Day of Rest

Hanging out souvenir shopping
(Kelly Henry, Sydney Pesetti, and Adriana Grabski).

After a very busy first week in Rwanda, filled with class, homework, meetings with organizations, and preparing for our upcoming PE classes, we had a chance to enjoy a day off. May 21st at 10:00 a.m., a group of us got up and started our days by attending Christ’s Church of Rwanda. This church is located right next door to KICS, Kigali International Community School, the school we will be working at next week. This was such an amazing experience especially because I had no expectations going into it and because of that I was blown away. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw and heard. We left church and headed back to the hotel with nothing much planned out for our day. We ate lunch by the pool while the sun was out and it was overall just a beautiful day. After lunch, we decided to go back out souvenir shopping like we did earlier in the week. This time we went to this nice little hand-made jewelry shop. I ended up spending about twice as much as I did the first time we went out shopping but I couldn’t help it. Rwandan jewelry is so unique and I knew my friends back home and my mom would love something. I got my mom, dad, brother, best friend, and myself something.

We left the shop and all agreed to finish the day on a good game of kickball as an entire group which ended up being so much fun. Some highlights were finding out how competitive Dr. Bennett is in any sporting event, figuring out Yosh isn’t the most talented kickball player, watching BC’s insane athletic ability by doing a back handspring tuck coming into home plate to score for our team, and most importantly having some of the Rwandan community come out and watch us. Families came out with their kids to sit down and watch our Sunday night game of kickball and hopefully we helped encourage them to start incorporating more fun activities into their days.

The amount of camaraderie, laughs, and thoughtful conversation we had by the end of the day on Sunday was awesome and with that said, I don’t think we could have a better group here in Rwanda. This class has brought all of us so close and has allowed me to learn so many new things about myself and about others. I can confidently say I have gained 15 new, close friends from this experience. Leaving Kigali is going to be a lot harder than I thought. We are more than just Hokies for Hokies now, we have become Hokies for Rwanda as well.

-Sydney Pesetti

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