The leadership development program had a huge impact on my career. I was taught how to lead myself and my teammates better and I'm a stronger, more confident leader because of it.

Jordan Fish — Volleyball
HNFE Major, Class of 2015

We believe we've been afforded a tremendous opportunity to assist Virginia Tech student-athletes in their growth as leaders. Our intent is to help student-athletes identify ways they can thrive as leaders, students and competitors. Upon graduation our hope is student-athletes will depart Virginia Tech ready to put their leadership skills to work for their employers, families, friends, and most importantly, their future.

Over the years, our staff has had hundreds of leadership development meetings with various teams. Recently, we switched our model in a way that allows leaders from every team to come together through our Leadership Culture series. We offer our Leadership Culture series in the Fall (for freshmen) and Spring (for upperclassmen). Through Leadership Culture, we offer an experience that lets Hokie student-athletes learn from each other and some of the brightest and sharpest leaders in the Hokie Nation.


Since 2011, Hokie student-athletes have had the opportunity to enroll in two different study abroad programs; one to the Dominican Republic and the other to Switzerland. The Dominican Republic course (Global Citizen Leadership) bridges leadership theory and service while working closely with nonprofits in offering a sports camp to local youth. The Switzerland course (Sports, Policy, & Society) allows student-athletes the opportunity to learn from some of the largest international policy makers in the world, including meetings at the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee, on how sport can be used for the betterment of society.

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