Athletic All-Americans
1989Margaret Soulen HM100 Backstroke
1989Margaret Soulen HM200 Backstroke
2004Gus Calado HM200 Butterfly
2005Jessica Botzum 200 Breaststroke
2005Jessica Botzum HM100 Breaststroke
2005Kevin Furlong HM100 Breaststroke
2006Tom Alberi HM800 Freestyle Relay
2006Scott Beard HM800 Freestyle Relay
2006Jessica Botzum HM200 Breaststroke
2006Gus Calado 200 Butterfly
2006Gus Calado HM800 Freestyle Relay
2006Zac Czaplicki HM800 Freestyle Relay
2007Jessica Botzum 100 Breaststroke
2007Jessica Botzum 200 Breaststroke
2007Sara Smith HM50 Freestyle
2007Sara Smith 100 Freestyle
2008Jessica Botzum 100 Breaststroke
2008Jessica Botzum 200 Breaststroke
2008Jessica Botzum HM200 Medley Relay
2008Jessica Botzum HM400 Medley Relay
2008Mikey McDonald HM1 Meter Diving
2008Mikey McDonald HMPlatform Diving
2008Jordan McHorney HM200 Medley Relay
2008Jordan McHorney HM400 Medley Relay
2008Megan Newell HM200 Medley Relay
2008Megan Newell HM400 Medley Relay
2008Sara Smith HM50 Freestyle
2008Sara Smith HM200 Medley Relay
2008Sara Smith HM400 Medley Relay
2009Steffi Drechsel HM400 Freestyle Relay
2009Erika Hajnal HM1650 Freestyle
2009Mikey McDonald HM1 Meter Diving
2009Mikey McDonald HM3 Meter Diving
2009Jordan McHorney HM400 Freestyle Relay
2009Megan Newell HM400 Freestyle Relay
2009Sara Smith HM50 Freestyle
2009Sara Smith HM400 Freestyle Relay
2010Kelly deMarrais HM800 Freestyle Relay
2010Katarina Filova 200 Freestyle
2010Katarina Filova HM800 Freestyle Relay
2010Erika Hajnal 400 Individual Medley
2010Erika Hajnal HM800 Freestyle Relay
2010Lauren Ritter HM800 Freestyle Relay
2011Logan Shinholser Platform Diving
2012Kaylea Arnett HM1 Meter Diving
2012Kaylea Arnett Platform Diving
2012Erika Hajnal HM500 Freestyle
2012Ryan Hawkins Platform Diving
2012Logan Kline 1 Meter Diving
2012Logan Kline HM3 Meter Diving
2012Gregory Mahon HM200 Butterfly
2012Zach McGinnis HM200 Backstroke
2012Heather Savage 100 Butterfly
2012Logan Shinholser 1 Meter Diving
2012Logan Shinholser 3 Meter Diving
2012Logan Shinholser Platform Diving
2012Kelli Stockton HMPlatform Diving
2013Kaylea Arnett HM1-Meter Diving
2013Kaylea Arnett HMPlatform Diving
2013Joe Bonk HM200 Freestyle Relay
2013Joe Bonk HM200 Medley Relay
2013Joe Bonk HM400 Medley Relay
2013Emmett Dignan HM200 Freestyle Relay
2013Emmett Dignan HM400 Medley Relay
2013Ryan Hawkins 3 Meter Diving
2013Ryan Hawkins HM1-Meter Diving
2013Ryan Hawkins Platform Diving
2013Nathan Hoisington HM200 Medley Relay
2013Logan Kline HM3-Meter Diving
2013Gregory Mahon HM100 Butterfly
2013Gregory Mahon HM200 Freestyle Relay
2013Gregory Mahon HM200 Medley Relay
2013Gregory Mahon HM400 Medley Relay
2013Zach McGinnis HM100 Backstroke
2013Zach McGinnis HM200 Freestyle Relay
2013Zach McGinnis HM200 Medley Relay
2013Zach McGinnis HM400 Medley Relay
2013Heather Savage 100 Butterfly
2013Logan Shinholser HMPlatform Diving
2014Kaylea Arnett 1-Meter Diving
2014Kaylea Arnett HM3-Meter Diving
2014Kaylea Arnett HMPlatform Diving
2014Ryan Hawkins HM1-Meter Diving
2014Ryan Hawkins HM3-Meter Diving
2014Ryan Hawkins Platform Diving
2014Collin Higgins HM200 Backstroke
2014Weronika Paluszek HM100 Breaststroke
2014Weronika Paluszek HM200 Breaststroke
2014T.J. Shinholser Platform Diving
2015Kaylea Arnett 3 Meter Diving
2015Kaylea Arnett HMPlatform Diving
2015Owen Burns HM400 Medley Relay
2015Brandon Fiala HM400 Medley Relay
2015Collin Higgins HM400 Medley Relay
2015Morgan Latimer HM400 Medley Relay
2015Klaudia Nazieblo HM200 Butterfly
2015Weronika Paluszek 200 Breaststroke
2016Brandon Fiala 200 Individual Medley
2016Brandon Fiala 100 Breaststroke
2016Brandon Fiala 200 Breaststroke
2016Maggie Gruber HM400 Medley Relay
2016Jessica Hespeler HM400 Medley Relay
2016Klaudia Nazieblo 200 Butterfly
2016Klaudia Nazieblo HM400 Medley Relay
2016Robert Owen HM400 Individual Medley
2016Robert Owen HM200 Backstroke
2016Weronika Paluszek HM200 Breaststroke
2016Weronika Paluszek HM400 Medley Relay
2017Brandon Fiala 100 Breaststroke
2017Brandon Fiala 200 Breaststroke
2017Reka Gyorgy 400 Individual Medley
2017Robert Owen 400 Individual Medley

Swimming & Diving and Wrestling: The top eight places in each event at the NCAA Championship are awarded All-American.

Academic All-Americans
As selected by CoSIDA
1998Kristina Neptun 3rdWomen's At-Large
2001Gregg Doulé 3rdMen's At-Large
2007Jessica Botzum 3rdWomen's At-Large
2008Jessica Botzum 2ndWomen's At-Large
2012Ryan Hawkins 3rdMen's At-Large
2012Logan Kline 2ndWomen's At-Large
2013Ryan Hawkins 3rdMen's At-Large
U - Unanimous Selection
C - Consensus Selection
Y - Academic All-American of the Year