Athletic All-Americans
1987Gary Cobb Indoor1,000-Meters
1987Gary Cobb Outdoor1,500-Meters
2017Neil Gourley Outdoor1,500-Meters
2004Marlies Overbeeke Outdoor1,500-Meters
2017Vincent Ciattei Outdoor1,500-Meters (2nd Team)
2016Neil Gourley Outdoor1,500-Meters (2nd Team)
2011Michael Hammond Outdoor1,500-Meters (2nd Team)
1984Linda King Outdoor10,000-Meters
1985Linda King Outdoor10,000-Meters
1987Margarita Lasaga Outdoor10,000-Meters
1985Mark Stickley Outdoor10,000-Meters
1987Steve Taylor Outdoor10,000-Meters
1981Judy Williams Outdoor10,000-Meters
1987Tony Williams Outdoor10,000-Meters
2012Darrell Wesh Outdoor100-Meters
2007Kristi Castlin Outdoor100m Hurdles
2009Kristi Castlin Outdoor100m Hurdles
2010Kristi Castlin Outdoor100m Hurdles
2007Queen Harrison Outdoor100m Hurdles
2010Queen Harrison Outdoor100m Hurdles
2012Michael Hammond Outdoor1500-Meters
1980Ray McDaniels Indoor2-mile relay
1980Bruce Merritt Indoor2-mile relay
2007Britni Spruill Outdoor200m Dash
2013Will Mulherin Indoor3,000 Meters
2017Sarah Edwards Outdoor3,000 Steeple (2nd Team)
2015Thomas Curtin Indoor3,000-Meters
1982Lori McKee Taylor Outdoor3,000-Meters
2001Kristin Price Indoor3,000-Meters
2008Sherlenia Green Outdoor400m Hurdles
2007Queen Harrison Outdoor400m Hurdles
2010Queen Harrison Outdoor400m Hurdles
2009Asia Washington Outdoor400m Hurdles
2012Jeff Artis-Gray Outdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2012Jonathan McCants Outdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2012Keith Ricks Outdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2012Darrell Wesh Outdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2015Thomas Curtin Indoor5,000-Meters
2015Thomas Curtin Outdoor5,000-Meters
2016Thomas Curtin Indoor5,000-Meters
2016Thomas Curtin Outdoor5,000-Meters
2008Tasmin Fanning Outdoor5,000-Meters
2010Will Mulherin Outdoor5,000-Meters
2001Kristin Price Outdoor5,000-Meters
2017Peter Seufer Outdoor5,000-Meters (2nd Team)
1980Kenny Lewis Indoor55m High Hurdles
2013Darrell Wesh Indoor60 Meters
2012Keith Ricks Indoor60 meters (2nd Team)
1978Dennis Scott Indoor60-yard dash
2007Kristi Castlin Indoor60m Hurdles
2008Kristi Castlin Indoor60m Hurdles
2009Kristi Castlin Indoor60m Hurdles
2010Kristi Castlin Indoor60m Hurdles
2008Queen Harrison Indoor60m Hurdles
2010Queen Harrison Indoor60m Hurdles
2012Frances Dowd Indoor800 meters (2nd Team)
2017Patrick Joseph Indoor800 meters (2nd Team)
2015Hanna Green Indoor800-Meters
2015Hanna Green Outdoor800-Meters
2016Hanna Green Indoor800-Meters
2017Hanna Green Indoor800-Meters
2017Hanna Green Outdoor800-Meters
1980Lucy Hawk Banks Outdoor800-Meters
2017Drew Piazza Indoor800-Meters
2017Drew Piazza Outdoor800-Meters
2014Amanda Smith Indoor800-Meters
2016Patrick Joseph Outdoor800-Meters (2nd Team)
2017Patrick Joseph Outdoor800-Meters (2nd Team)
2015Amanda Smith Indoor800-Meters (2nd Team)
1980John Dyer OutdoorDecathlon
2016Marek Barta OutdoorDiscus
2017Marek Barta OutdoorDiscus
2017Greg Chiles IndoorDMR
2017Kevin Cianfarini IndoorDMR
2017Vincent Ciattei IndoorDMR
2014Martin Dally IndoorDMR
2014Tihut Degfae IndoorDMR
2014Leoule Degfae IndoorDMR
2007Jessica Fanning IndoorDMR
2007Tasmin Fanning IndoorDMR
2007Sherlenia Green IndoorDMR
2017Daniel Jaskowak IndoorDMR
2014Grant Pollock IndoorDMR
2007Asia Washington IndoorDMR
2013Jeff Artis-Gray IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Juan Campos IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2013Tihut Degfae IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Neil Gourley IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2013Ryan Hagen IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2013Michael Hammond IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Prince Owusu IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Grant Pollock IndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2006Mohsen Anani OutdoorHammer Throw
2005Kristen Callan OutdoorHammer Throw
2006Kristen Callan OutdoorHammer Throw
2008Kristen Callan OutdoorHammer Throw
2009Dorotea Habazin OutdoorHammer Throw
2010Dorotea Habazin OutdoorHammer Throw
2011Dorotea Habazin OutdoorHammer Throw
2003Spyridon Jullien OutdoorHammer Throw
2004Spyridon Jullien OutdoorHammer Throw
2005Spyridon Jullien OutdoorHammer Throw
2006Spyridon Jullien OutdoorHammer Throw
1998Erick Kingston OutdoorHammer Throw
2000Erick Kingston OutdoorHammer Throw
2013Tomas Kruzliak OutdoorHammer Throw
2015Tomas Kruzliak OutdoorHammer Throw
2009Marcel Lomnicky OutdoorHammer Throw
2010Marcel Lomnicky OutdoorHammer Throw
2011Marcel Lomnicky OutdoorHammer Throw
2006Matej Muza OutdoorHammer Throw
2008Matej Muza OutdoorHammer Throw
2008Brittany Pryor OutdoorHammer Throw
2009Brittany Pryor OutdoorHammer Throw
1992Mike Sergent OutdoorHammer Throw
1981Paul Sulik OutdoorHammer Throw
2017Emma Thor OutdoorHammer Throw
2010Alexander Ziegler OutdoorHammer Throw
2011Alexander Ziegler OutdoorHammer Throw
2012Alexander Ziegler OutdoorHammer Throw
2016Thomas Kruzliak OutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
2017Pavla Kuklova OutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
2011Denis Mahmic OutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
2013Annjulie Vester OutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
1998Katie Ollendick OutdoorHeptathlon
2006Saskia Triesscheijn OutdoorHeptathlon
2011Ronnie Black OutdoorHigh Jump
2012Ronnie Black OutdoorHigh Jump
2013Ronnie Black IndoorHigh Jump
1998Katie Ollendick IndoorHigh Jump
2012Ronnie Black IndoorHigh Jump (2nd Team)
2013Ronnie Black OutdoorHigh Jump (2nd Team)
2002Dee O'Connell OutdoorJavelin
2015Irena Sediva OutdoorJavelin
2017Irena Sediva OutdoorJavelin
2011Matthias Treff OutdoorJavelin
2012Matthias Treff OutdoorJavelin
2016Sabine Kopplin OutdoorJavelin (2nd Team)
2013Matthias Treff OutdoorJavelin (2nd Team)
2012Jeff Artis-Gray OutdoorLong Jump
2013Jeff Artis-Gray IndoorLong Jump
2013Jeff Artis-Gray OutdoorLong Jump
2017Neil Gourley IndoorMile
2011Michael Hammond IndoorMile Run
2009Natalie Sherbak IndoorMile Run
2015Patrick Joseph IndoorMile Run (2nd Team)
2016Shannon Morton IndoorMile Run (2nd Team)
2005Saskia Triesscheijn IndoorPentathlon
2006Saskia Triesscheijn IndoorPentathlon
2011Joe Davis OutdoorPole Vault
2012Joe Davis OutdoorPole Vault
2009Hunter Hall IndoorPole Vault
2009Hunter Hall OutdoorPole Vault
2011Hunter Hall IndoorPole Vault
2000Brian Hunter IndoorPole Vault
2010Jared Jodon OutdoorPole Vault
2014Torben Laidig IndoorPole Vault
2016Torben Laidig OutdoorPole Vault
2017Torben Laidig IndoorPole Vault
2005Brian Mondschein IndoorPole Vault
2005Brian Mondschein OutdoorPole Vault
2006Brian Mondschein OutdoorPole Vault
2007Thorsten Mueller IndoorPole Vault
1976Keith Neff IndoorPole Vault
2008Yavgeniy Olhovsky IndoorPole Vault
2008Yavgeniy Olhovsky OutdoorPole Vault
2009Yavgeniy Olhovsky IndoorPole Vault
2009Yavgeniy Olhovsky OutdoorPole Vault
2010Yavgeniy Olhovsky IndoorPole Vault
2010Yavgeniy Olhovsky OutdoorPole Vault
2011Yavgeniy Olhovsky IndoorPole Vault
1980Bob Phillips OutdoorPole Vault
2008Kelly Phillips OutdoorPole Vault
2012Martina Schultze IndoorPole Vault
2013Martina Schultze IndoorPole Vault
2013Martina Schultze OutdoorPole Vault
2014Martina Schultze IndoorPole Vault
2016Deakin Volz IndoorPole Vault
2012Victoria von Eynatten IndoorPole Vault
2011Hunter Hall OutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2012Hunter Hall OutdoorPole Vault (2nd team)
2016Brad Johnson OutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2017Brad Johnson OutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2011Kelly Phillips IndoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2012Martina Schultze OutdoorPole Vault (2nd team)
2013Chris Uhle OutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2017Deakin Volz IndoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2011Samira Burkhardt OutdoorShot Put
2007Justin Clickett IndoorShot Put
2007Justin Clickett OutdoorShot Put
2008Justin Clickett OutdoorShot Put
2005Sven Hahn OutdoorShot Put
2005Ryan Norwood IndoorShot Put
2007Brittany Pryor IndoorShot Put
2007Brittany Pryor OutdoorShot Put
2008Brittany Pryor IndoorShot Put
2008Brittany Pryor OutdoorShot Put
2011Samira Burkhardt IndoorShot Put (2nd Team)
2012Valentina Muzaric OutdoorShot Put (2nd team)
2011Hasheem Halim OutdoorTriple Jump
2012Hasheem Halim IndoorTriple Jump
2012Hasheem Halim OutdoorTriple Jump
1987Phil Saunders OutdoorTriple Jump
2011David Wilson OutdoorTriple Jump
2015Manuel Ziegler IndoorTriple Jump
2011Hasheem Halim IndoorTriple Jump (2nd Team)
1980Ray Ackenbom IndoorTwo-mile relay
1980Mike Burns IndoorTwo-mile relay
2006Mohsen Anani IndoorWeight Throw
2005Tamara Burns IndoorWeight Throw
2006Tamara Burns IndoorWeight Throw
2008Kristen Callan IndoorWeight Throw
2004Spyridon Jullien IndoorWeight Throw
2005Spyridon Jullien IndoorWeight Throw
2006Spyridon Jullien IndoorWeight Throw
2009Marcel Lomnicky IndoorWeight Throw
2012Marcel Lomnicky IndoorWeight Throw
2010Alexander Ziegler IndoorWeight Throw
2011Alexander Ziegler IndoorWeight Throw
2012Alexander Ziegler IndoorWeight Throw
2013Alexander Ziegler IndoorWeight Throw
2013Tomas Kruzliak IndoorWeight Throw (2nd Team)
2015Tomas Kruzliak IndoorWeight Throw (2nd Team)
2011Marcel Lomnicky IndoorWeight Throw (2nd Team)

Track & Field: Prior to 2011, the top eight places in each event at the NCAA Championships are awarded All-American. If a top eight finisher is not a US citizen, then the next US citizen place holder will be awarded All-American. Since 2011, the top eight places in each event at the NCAA Championship are awarded First Team All-American, places 9-16 are awarded Second Team All-American and the team must have USTFCCCA membership.

Academic All-Americans
As selected by CoSIDA
2012Francis Dowd 1st
2012Alexander Ziegler 2nd
2013Alexander Ziegler 1st
2006Gunild Kreb 2nd
2007Gunild Kreb 1st
2005Brian MacPhee 2nd
2010Matej Muza 2nd
2004Marlies Overbeeke 2nd
2010Kelly Phillips 3rd
2011Kelly Phillips 1st
2007Joe Samaniuk 3rd
2008Sherlenia Green 1stWomen's At-Large
1997Katie Ollendick 1stWomen's At-Large
1998Katie Ollendick Y1stWomen's At-Large
U - Unanimous Selection
C - Consensus Selection
Y - Academic All-American of the Year