Five questions with Courtney Blanden

Editor’s note: Every Wednesday throughout the fall, we’ll catch up with track and field student-athletes and coaches for five questions.

Q: What was it like having a breakout season last year?

BLANDEN: “It was unreal and I wasn’t expecting that at all. But I know with Coach [Tim] Vaught being a new coach my sophomore year, the experience was different. So, I would say coming from my freshman year into my sophomore year, I was still a little bit scared and nervous. But my junior year I was ready to go by putting in the work and performing at the level I needed to.”

Q: What type of impact has sprints coach Tim Vaught had on the group and how did you all perform so well this past season?

BLANDEN: “He definitely knows what he is doing, but he can’t run for us and make us win. So, it really is up to us to put in the work and to do what we need to do after practice and away from practice. That also has a big impact on how we perform. I think all of us did what we needed to do and stayed on track and stay focused, which was really important and that was how we broke those school records.”

Q: You’re a senior now. How does that feel and will you take the freshmen sprints group under your arms?

BLANDEN: “It’s crazy because I remember when I was a freshman and I had those seniors in my life who were always looking out for me. So, now it feels good to be that senior looking out for others and making sure they’re doing what they need to do. You know, just taking care of them with answering any questions and being there for them whenever they need me.”

Q: The freshman are specializing in the 60- and 100-meter sprints. Could they see a big role in indoor and outdoor?

BLANDEN: “We were lacking in those areas last year, but still won an ACC championship and definitely could’ve been more dominant if we would have had people in those areas. So, I’m excited to see where they’ll take us.”

Q: What will you do after you graduate in May 2018 with an IT degree?

BLANDEN: “This past summer I interned with Ernst & Young, they’re one of the big four in the consulting and accounting world. I worked with the risk advisory practice, so basically I helped to minimize risk for companies, like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, just different financial companies. I will be doing that next summer after I graduate, too.”

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