Five questions with Greg Chiles

Editor’s note: Every Wednesday throughout the fall, we’ll catch up with track and field student-athletes and coaches for five questions.

Q: You became an All-American and broke a few school records last year. Why did you do so well right away in your first season in Blacksburg?

CHILES: “The reason I think I started so well in my first year here is because I think this program is similar to my high school coach’s program. Coach [Tim] Vaught gives us time to rest and for our body to recover and things like that. And honestly, I didn’t expect to run as fast as I did my first season here because it was my first year in the system. So, I didn’t expect to run as fast, I was definitely shocked. I was not shocked at how fast I ran because I did put in the work, but I think I was shocked to run this fast this early.”

Q: After an impressive first year at Tech, what would you like to accomplish this upcoming season?

CHILES: “I want to go undefeated. And what I mean by that is I don’t really want to chase times because I know as long as you win, the times will come. So, I know that winning on this level means the times have to be fast. I want to go undefeated in indoors and outdoors, win nationals, ACCs and not lose a race at all in the regular season. And, if it is meant to be, I would love to run professionally post-college.”

Q: Speaking of life after college, what would you like to do with your major (consumer studies) or what would be your plan?

CHILES: “I know that everybody doesn’t go pro, so my fall back plan would be to join the Navy. But other than that, that’s the main thing I have in mind. Hopefully I get the chance to run professionally and then just go from there. If I do that get that opportunity, maybe after that I could get into doing commentary for track.”

Q: What was it like to fly out to Sacramento this summer and compete at the USA Outdoor Championships?

CHILES: “That was a really wonderful experience. It made me feel like I belong. It made me feel as if like I had a purpose there because everyone doesn’t make it there. Just being on the line with, not only professionals, but legends. In my first round I faced Bershawn Jackson, who is a legend in the 400-meter hurdles. He’s like a 47 seconds guy and is very well known. But it was a great experience, even though I didn’t run as well as I wanted to, I definitely still enjoyed the experience. Just to be there and it make it on that level, was fun and I hope to make it back there next summer.”

Q: You’re the oldest of five siblings. Are they into sports or track because of you?

CHILES: “My older sister, who is 20, she recently graduated from high school. I think she wants to get into school, but she’s also thinking about going into the service as well like me. Two of my sisters are in high school, one is in middle school and the other is in elementary school. They all play basketball and then the youngest does gymnastics. But, they do look up to me.”

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