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Heat Illness: A set of three posters designed to raise awareness of the potential for heat illness during sports participation have been mailed to head athletic trainers. Please place them in areas where they will be frequently read by student-athletes and coaches. Also enclosed in the mailing is a pad of 50 urine color charts to help student-athletes better understand their hydration status on a day to day basis. These are typically placed in restrooms and locker areas for easy reference. Only the posters will be available online. Due to variability of technological equipment including computer screens, printers, and scanners, the urine color charts may not be duplicated, exhibited, distributed, or reproduced in any format including the internet, electronic mail, or computer files.

Videos: The student-athlete educational videos on sickle cell trait and concussions are now available on the NCAA YouTube channel which allows institutions to embed the videos into their own website for viewing. Links to these videos are below.

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