Virginia Tech Sports Medicine Services

The following Athletic Training Services will be available for your team: The use of an athletic training room for taping and treatments A Certified Athletic Trainer will be in attendance during the event(s) The Team Physician will be in attendance or on-call during the event(s)

The following will be provided:

  • Water
  • Cups
  • Injury Ice and Bags
  • Biohazard bags
  • Emergency Equipment
    Crutches, Backboard, Splints

We Ask: If your team is traveling without an athletic trainer, or with a non-certified athletic trainer, PLEASE CONTACT us in advance so that we can assign one to your team. If you are traveling without an ATC, please send written permission and parameters for the use of modalities for each athlete requiring treatment. If your team will be practicing prior to your event at Virginia Tech please contact our athletic training staff.