August 8, 2012
The 2012 preseason begins
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Hey Hokies!

As volleyball begins our 2012 season, we (Jen Wiker and Cara Baarendse) will keep you updated on our team’s journey through preseason. Yesterday was filled with signing papers and meeting with various members of the athletic department. The usual routine before we are all able to participate in the first practice. It was a long day, but we finished off with a team dinner at Sal’s. Every season we have a tradition of sacrifice, which involves giving up something unhealthy that you indulge in. At dinner, we created a team sacrifice which everyone partakes in (no fried foods) and everyone also has an individual sacrifice (no soda, candy, fast-food, etc.) It’s definitely difficult, but it is something that unites and helps us hold accountability for one another.

Today we all reported to Cassell at 7:30 a.m. for our first order of business, the good ol’ 10 in 10. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a fitness test in which we all have to pass as a team. And guess what! WE DID IT! :-) Making it on the first time was such an accomplishment, especially as seniors we cannot be any more excited because we never have to do it again! We continued with practice, which focused on blocking, defense and ball control. Unfortunately, summer classes are still in session so some of our teammates are juggling a lot during this time. During our break, you could find most of us sleeping or studying in our locker room.

We started our second session at 1:30 with Freddy Purnell, our trainer. He does a great job at keeping us all healthy by doing preventive knee and shoulder work before each session. After that, we did some individual position work and then continued into a team practice. Dinner was held at our dining hall, D2. The food was much needed after four hours of practice.

To finish our first day of preseason, we met up at Burruss to get our team photos taken. You could say we clean up pretty well! The team photo shoot went quickly, but then we split up into classes and had some fun.

Such a long day, but well worth it. We cannot wait for this upcoming season! Now it’s time to watch some All-American Olympic beach volleyball and call it a night.


Jen and Cara

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