August 10, 2012
Day Three: Conditioning
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

August 10, 2012

Hello Everybody!

Today was our third day of preseason, and I think our whole team could describe how they are feeling in one word…sore. At least we know we are getting better! We started off the morning at 6:45 a.m. for weights and conditioning with Megan Evans. It was our last day of our four-day packet, which means new lifting cards next week. It’s always exciting to see what Megan has in store for us next. For conditioning we ran Cassell stairs, it wasn’t too bad.

Some of us got a break after weights, while others went and took their final exams. Once classes are done, it will be a lot easier on the girls who are trying to balance both their studies and practice. Lunch was catered by Jimmy Johns, delicious as usual (if you like mayo).

We started up practice again at 1:30. Freddy led us with shoulder bands and a dynamic warm up before practice actually started. Our first session involved lots of blocking, hitting and passing. Freddy finished up our session with KILLER abs. We’ll thank him later, but right now…Ouch.

Dinner was quick because D2 dining hall opened at 5 and practice started back up at 6. Without time to digest, dinner didn’t really sit well with most of the team. I’m sure our coaches were tired of hearing us complain about our stomachs. The last session went very quickly. We started off with individual work and then went into a five person pepper. We did some team defense and serve receive then finished with competitive game play.

Of course we all made our way to the cold tub after a hard practice. Being girls, we all screamed as soon as our toes hit the water. Jordan Fish almost had a fatal accident by slipping into the cold tub but she’s so graceful that she caught herself. We all got a good laugh out of that. Jordan was a good sport though. Not much else happened today, but we do get to sleep in tomorrow! Much needed.

Goodnight Hokies!

Jen and Cara

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