August 12, 2012
Day Four: Team Bonding
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Hey everyone!

Today was our fourth day of preseason and it was quite a bit easier than the other days because we only had one practice. Although a few girls had to finish up their final exams this morning, most of us got to enjoy sleeping in. Luckily, we were both able to stay in bed until 11! We all came to the locker room at 12:45 to meet for lunch.

After eating, the coaches came in to tell us about the team bonding activity we were going to be doing. We were all assigned partners who we were responsible for finding out more about their lives and creating a timeline to present to the rest of the team. The timelines will have many events in our lives that have made us who we are and what brought us here to VT today. These kinds of activities really help us bond as a team because we get to know so much about one another.

We started practice around 2:30. We went through our usual warm up routine before beginning our practice. It was structured similar to the past three days. But at the end of practice head coach Chris Riley reminded us that our first set of 7 sessions was ending and tomorrow the level of play and expectations will be raised.

We’re excited to see what changes will be implemented at practice tomorrow and are glad to be able to sleep in again tomorrow :-) (this rarely ever happens)

Until tomorrow….

Jen & Cara

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