August 12, 2012
Day Five: Running Drills
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Hi guys!

We’re at the end of day five! It all started at 11:30 this morning when we came to the gym for lunch. Today we got our meal from Moe’s, it was so delicious! We had a little bit of time between lunch and practice so a few of us used that time to do some rehab with Freddy. Afterwards, both of us got to enjoy some stem and ultrasound which we love!

Practice began at 2:00 with our usual shoulder work. Then we started off with serve receive and blocking. Next was our movement drill, where the focus is on our middle blockers closing the block. This set of seven sessions, the expectations were raised and now the passers were also responsible for perfect passes. It took us longer than usual to complete but we were able to work through it together as a team. We’re sure it’ll get easier these next few sessions. We all worked on our serving with a higher goal number to reach. The emphasis is on making tough serves during any point of a game. Practice ended with our game play, offense vs. defense. In this drill, the offensive side has to get nine kills before the defensive side has to get 12 blocks/digs. Once again, the numbers were raised from the previous sessions and it took us longer to complete. Overall, the play was very competitive and Chris congratulated us on our efforts.

The weekend was a good break, but we’re back on our grind tomorrow with 7 a.m. weights and two practices. Time for bed!!

Cara & Jen

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