August 13, 2012
Day Six: Return to two-a-days
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Hi Hokies,

We went back into full swing with two-a-days today. The morning started off with weights at 7 a.m. and conditioning followed. Conditioning for the day was “Elite Eights.” These are eight sprints the width of the basketball court in 32 seconds. We were supposed to do eight sets, but because everyone was working hard we stopped after six. Practice started off with Freddy, and then we went into individuals. It was a light practice with minimal jumping. Today outsides and liberos worked mostly on serve receive, while the middles and setters focused on hitting out of system balls.

After our first session, we went to our lockerroom to meet with Danny White, Reyna Gilbert and Katie Cross for Habitudes. Habitudes is a program focused on developing character and leadership skills. There is a series of books by Tim Elmore in which we are assigned to read a chapter out of each week. Each chapter has a different image to focus on and learn about. Tori Hamsher, Jordan Fish and Cara helped lead the discussion. Today’s image was based on an iceberg, 90% is below the water and 10% shows. This relates to leadership because the 90% correlates to an individual’s character that is within. A pretty simple lesson, but it has great significance.

After lunch from “Our Daily Bread”, we all got acquainted with the floor and SNOOZED. Some naps were cut short with rehab and pre-practice preparation, but other than that we were all well-rested for our next session. The second session involved defense, serve receive, serving and game play. There was an emphasis on not making errors during our last game. This is important because in volleyball those errors are free points for the other team. We ended with a team cold tub party!!

Dinner at D2 was a little more entertaining than usual. Our team played a little prank on LaTasha Samson-Akpan by putting a fake bug in her macaroni and cheese. Luckily we were the only ones in the dining hall and we caught it on camera! Sorry LaTasha! :-)

Now we’re back at home, only to get in bed and repeat our schedule for tomorrow.


Jen and Cara

P.S. Have to give a shout out to all of our families that listen to us complain about how sore and tired we are during these long days. You guys are the best!

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