August 17, 2012
Day Nine: Off day at the Pool!
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Howdy Hokies!

Today was the best day ever! We all got to sleep in, our favorite, and then came to the gym at 11:30 for lunch. Jimmy Johns was our catered in meal today. We all ate pretty quickly because we were so excited to head to the pool.

We all caravanned in four cars to the Blacksburg Country Club. We drove in one car with Sydnee Arnson and thought we were taking a short cut, passing the other cars waving and thinking “Suckers, we’ll beat ya there!”…. turns out we got lost and were by far the last ones there!

At the pool we all had different ideas of what was fun. Some of us laid out for four hours, some laid in the beach style entrance, some tried to learn how to swim, and others a.k.a. Morgan O’Neill showed off her Olympic diving skills :-) We stayed at the pool from 12:30 until about 4:30 and then headed home to shower and get ready for dinner.

We did a progressive dinner with three courses, one at each class’ residence. The freshmen and sophomores hosted in the dorms with salad, pita chips, veggies, fruit, and bread. The senior class cooked the main course, wheat spaghetti with your choice of marinara, alfredo, or meat sauce. We ended the dinner at the juniors' house for dessert and a game of charades. All the new girls had to act out crazy scenarios while the rest of us guessed. Needless to say we almost peed our pants laughing so hard! Our personal favorite was Alexa Swann acting out “Having a wrestling match with yourself while evolving into another species”.

Back at home after an awesome day. Ready to get back into the gym with weights and two a days tomorrow.


Jen & Cara

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