August 18, 2012
Day 11: Getting game ready
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Hola Hokies!

We started this morning at 8 a.m. As usual, Freddy took us through shoulder work and a dynamic warm up. In the first session, middles and outsides did arm swing work on boxes while passers and setters were in the other gym probably doing something awesome! (We didn’t quite hear what they were doing) Then we moved into serving and serve receive. We did a lot of defense focusing on live situations with live hitters and blockers.

Our lunch today came from Bull & Bones, sandwiches and wraps. During our break, you would think that our locker room floor is the most comfortable thing in the world because basically our whole team fell asleep on it! Before we knew it we were back in the gym for the second session.

We started with middles blocking, outsides hitting, and passers working on defense. Next we had to do our movement drill, which we have a love-HATE relationship with. The focus of the drill is moving our feet and closing the block. Any error brings us back to zero and we have to start over. It has helped improve our game substantially, although it’s very tiring to do in practice. After doing some more defense and serve receive we got into our game play. The drills were designed to keep us from making errors, and in the first game we were happy to hear that one side made zero attacking errors in a whole 25 point game!

During the last drill, the sidelines were a little distracted thanks to our friend, Murphy the mouse. He was hiding in a hole in the stands. He kept peeking out to watch us play :-) After we finished practice a few of us found it very entertaining to feed him peanuts. How old are we? Or are we just that tired?

Looking forward to our last day of two-a-days tomorrow because it means we’re that much closer to our first game!!

Buenos Noches!

Jen & Cara

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