August 19, 2012
Day 12: Surprise! Done with two-a-days!
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Hi Everyone!

Today started out like every other day. In the gym at 8 a.m. sharp, warm up with Freddy and straight into normal practice. Our practice went quite a bit longer than usual and we were all wondering what was going on… SURPRISE! We were done with two a days and had the second session off! Instead of practicing we did a scavenger hunt!!

We were split into two teams and given a list of 20 tasks to complete. They were all pretty funny but a few of our favorites are:

1. Conduct an aerobics class in The Cellar parking lot for two minutess, caught on video
2. Take a picture with the group in a 20 person Congo line
3. Take a picture of everyone in one bathroom stall (not handicapped)

It took about two hours to complete, we were driving (safely) all over Blacksburg and Christiansburg like crazy women!! In the end Shelby’s team took the victory but only by a few minutes! The most controversial task to complete was a picture in a pet store. Who knew that you’re absolutely NOT allowed to take any pictures in or around PetSmart?!

We also got to go to dinner at Kabuki, a team tradition. It’s a wonderful Japanese steakhouse that always fills everyone up! We told the staff that it was Alexa Swann’s birthday so they came out with a dish of ice cream and sang their song, she was so shocked and embarrassed.

Back at home digesting and watching the Lion King. That’s all for now….

Jen & Cara

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