August 28, 2013
Preparing for the opening weekend
Volleyball: Behind The Scenes

Hey VTVB fans,

These past few weeks getting ready for our home opener this weekend at the Hokie Invitational have been crazy. All of us were back taking classes and training during Summer 2 and yesterday was the first day of the actual school year! It doesn’t seem like it during Summer 2, but that session flies by so fast.

The first day of school is always a stressful blur with finding your classes, getting your books, and getting to practice on time. Good thing the freshmen had some practice during the summer! Because yesterday was the first day of school, we just finished preseason this past weekend. Preseason was two weeks long, as always, and it was filled with two-a-days and sometimes three-a-days if you want to count lifting. But it wasn’t all that bad since Jennie and the awesome nutrition staff kept us fueled and happy in our rocking new Nutrition Oasis!

The volleyball team visits the new oasis for the first time.

Per tradition every preseason, our coaches took us to dinner at Kabuki which is always fun because we get to dress up and actually look like girls for the night! I think this is the best preseason Virginia Tech Volleyball has had since I have been here and I am unbelievably excited to see how we kick of the season this weekend.

At the Hokie Invitational we will be hosting 10 matches in two days and we will play against Towson, Pacific, St. Francis, and Michigan State. It’s going to be some great competition! And new to this season – we get serving songs! It’s kind of like walk out songs for baseball or softball, but only better. These next few days we’re going to be playing a lot of 6 v. 6 in practice and resting up with excessive cold-tubbing to get ready to kill our opener and we are all insanely excited!

Virginia Tech Volleyball 2013 is one to look out for this year. And on a side note, please make the pledge to not text and walk as our very own Alexa walked right into a pole doing just that a few days ago. :)

Love VTVB #20,
Kathryn Caine

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