September 4, 2013
My first collegiate match
Volleyball: Behind The Scenes

Hey VTVB fans!

We are now getting back on the court from an awesome start to the season! We won the Hokie Invitational and took a great (top-25) Michigan State team to a close five-set match.

As a freshman, this weekend was a whirlwind of new and exciting things. My first collegiate match was against Towson, and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. As we were standing on the end line I had no idea what to do, and of course I was first to go. As I was holding the miniature volleyball with all our signatures, the butterflies in my stomach kept building. When I was in high school any nerves would always go away after the first point, but I couldn’t seem to shake them the whole match. I was so thankful for all the upperclassmen on the court because they helped me through the nerves, since they have all been in my shoes before. When the match ended I let out a sigh of relief and was glad I had gotten my first match under my belt.

In this tournament we played four matches in two days. It was pretty taxing on our bodies but we are lucky to have a lot of depth in a lot of positions, so no one got too tired. Our depth is what makes this team so special and unique.

Before the games we all have our own rituals. I usually start listening to music so I can start focusing on the game. After our defense warm up we have a team ritual we call “quiet time.” During this time we clear our minds of any outside distractions and get our heads in the right mind-set for the match.

We have two more tournaments coming up! I hope to see VTVB fans there!

Love VTVB #1,
Lindsey Owens

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