August 20, 2014
Preseason is underway!
Volleyball: Behind The Scenes

Hey Hokies!

Tuesday was Virginia Tech Volleyball's start to the second week of preseason. It has been full of very early mornings and non-stop practices all day! However, I have to say that out of the three preseasons I have been a part of so far, this is by far the best preseason I have ever participated in. The level of competition on the court is insane! We are way ahead of where our coaches anticipated us to be at this point in preseason and we are really excited about it.

We've been working on extremely hard on improving our weaknesses and they are getting better everyday. Each practice we were a lot on blocking and defense, as well as out of system balls on the pins. Our in-system balls are always prime, so that is never really an issue with our team. We hammer them!

When we're not on the court, our off times have been spent usually in the locker room where most of us were doing homework until a few days ago when summer classes ended. But with classes over, there are many naps and movies to be watched on laptops! Our amazing sports nutrition staff has been providing us with delicious meals in our brand new Oasis fuel center. You can see in the picture!

What is even more exciting is that our season opener is less than two weeks away in Kentucky. It is a very big weekend for us! We will be playing Butler, Wichita State, and Kentucky. All of the girls are super anxious to get the season started! We have a big season ahead of us in non-conference and inside the ACC.

Besides our opening weekend at Kentucky, we will be playing huge schools like Texas A&M, Ohio, Illinois, and Washington State. Also, this year is the first year that Louisville has entered the ACC. Just from this one week of preseason I can tell that this season is going to be a very good one from Virginia Tech Volleyball and we are more than ready to get after it.

Go Hokies!

Kathryn Caine #20

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