Five questions with Melody Caloyannides

Editor’s note: Every Wednesday throughout the offseason, we’ll catch up with volleyball student-athletes for five questions.

Melody Caloyannides | So. | OH | Reston, Va.

Q: With being a mechanical engineering major, how has that gone so far?

CALOYANNIDES: “I love my major, it definitely is a challenge. But I do like to challenge myself. It definitely helps that the athletic department provides tutors for us, and is always there to help us in any academic aspect. Also, student-athlete development is another great thing. They will have resume remixes, which is when they work on your resume with you or mock an interview process, so you can see what that is like for you.”

Q: How has strength and conditioning coach Allison Randall made you all better?

CALOYANNIDES: “She pushes us a lot, like [head coach Jill Wilson] does with believing that we will be the best possible athlete we can be. She does that as well but in a fitness sense, and that really drives us because she believes in us. She is a very good conditioning coach, we love her.”

Q: Can you speak on what the team's phrase of “Future CEO” means to you?

CALOYANNIDES: “It’s like creating a standard for yourself to being the best you possibly can be in anything, whether it’s school, relationships or volleyball. I think it’s just always working at your best.”

Q: How would you say the offseason is going so far?

CALOYANNIDES: “Personally, it has been difficult for me because I can’t do too much with coming back from an injury, but it has been fun watching the team grow. I’m bonding with the team very well and working very hard on the relationships with them. So, it’s been a good offseason and we’re getting better.”

Q: Once you get back to being 100-percent healthy, what is one of the main things you want to work on to improve your game?

CALOYANNIDES: “I think it is the mentality to always give 100 percent, whether it is an easy or hard drill, to just always constantly remind myself to put all I have and heart into it.”

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