Five questions with Carol Raffety

Editor’s note: Every Wednesday throughout the offseason, we’ll catch up with volleyball student-athletes for five questions.

Carol Raffety | So. | L | Novato, Calif.

Q: Did you come into college as a libero?

RAFFTY: “I was recruited as an outside hitter because I never played libero back then. But when I was recruited it was all about my ball control, how I could pass and receive and hit on the outside. Then when I came in we had Amanda [McKinzie] and Lindsey [Owens], which were all around really good outside hitters, so me as a freshman would not come in above two senior outside hitters. I still practiced outside leading up to our first tournament, then when the first match started they put me at libero. I was so nervous, but I actually got 28 digs in a five-set match. It was pretty crazy.”

Q: What was it like coming into your sophomore season knowing you were going to be a libero?

RAFFTY: “The spring season I was playing outside hitter with them graduating and still playing libero, and enjoying it because I wanted to be an outside hitter. Then the spring season came and I was doing fine heading into our tournaments, which were like five matches in a day, until it took a toll on my knees. There were days when walking or sitting down would hurt, so I had to go to the doctor and they reevaluated my knees. I came in with knee problems but it wasn’t severe, but they said after the spring season that I should focus on playing libero going forward due to my knees.”

Q: Favorite memory from this past fall on or off the court?

RAFFTY: “Honestly, even though we lost the match, the Duke game here at home. I know it wasn’t the best, because we were up 2-0, but that was a really good game. That’s when everything really flowed and it felt really nice to play with everyone. Even though we lost, the beginning of the game was perfect volleyball by us, it was outstanding.”

Q: Expectations for this upcoming season?

RAFFTY: “I’m excited because from the spring we have worked really hard. Last year, when Coach [Jill] Wilson first came in, it was kind of different. We were adjusting to the training because we didn’t do that much in prior years, we were just going along with it. And now we are doing so much training, every morning we are up and ready to go. We are going the extra length, the extra two percent. I’m excited because there is a big difference, we are fast and are technique is getting better. We are going to do really well next year.”

Q: What is your plan after you graduate with your criminology degree?

RAFFTY: “Once I graduate, I’m kind of thinking of continuing to play volleyball, but with my criminology major, I definitely want to be in the CIA or FBI. I’m really into law enforcement. I actually didn’t come in thinking I would do criminology, I was doing human nutrition, food and exercise [HNFE] before, trying to become a physical therapist. Science and math is not my strong suit anymore (laughing). I always thought about criminology and didn’t know about it, but I now love my classes and could see myself in that someday.”

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