Five questions with Marisa Cerchio

Marisa Cerchio | Fr. | MB | Cincinnati, Ohio

Q: You came in as a middle blocker, but played outside hitter for a few matches. What was it like juggling both responsibilities?

CERCHIO: “I loved playing both positions. It was challenging but still a lot of fun to learn a new position since I have never played outside before. When I switched to playing outside, I wasn’t practicing middle anymore so that I could focus strictly on outside and have a lot of time to learn everything about the new position.”

Q: Now entering your sophomore, are you excited to strictly focus on playing middle?

CERCHIO: “I actually just started juggling both positions this week during spring season. I do a little bit of middle and outside during practice and it is a great experience. It makes me think a lot more about the game and work even harder to focus on whichever position I am in. I’m excited that for my sophomore year I will still be playing a little bit of both positions! Even if I am playing middle in a match, I will still have the opportunity to get a couple of outside reps in during the games.”

Q: What was your favorite memory from this past fall during the season?

CERCHIO: “My favorite memory from the season was beating UVA. Since I am a freshman, that was my first experience with the Tech/UVA rivalry and it was definitely a fun match to be a part of and to win.”

Q: Being a biology major, what do you see yourself doing down the road in that field?

CERCHIO: I am in the process of transferring into the Business school. I used to want to be a veterinarian but I later decided that I would rather be in business working in marketing. I love interacting with people so I think that will be a great field for me to go into.”

Q: The Hokies are hosting their lone spring tournament this Saturday. Are you excited to play in front of the fans again in Cassell?

CERCHIO: “I can’t wait to play in front of our fans in Cassell again! I’m excited to be able to show everyone how much work our team has put in this spring season. We’ve been working so hard to get better in all aspects of our game and it definitely is showing on the court.”

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