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VT Women's Basketball Blog

Welcome to the 2012-13 women's basketball blog by senior Kerry Sarver. This blog will give fans an inside look at the women's basketball program throughout the preseason as well as the regular season. Sarver will periodically update the Hokie faithful on all things Virginia Tech women's basketball.

Check back often for all of the latest on the Hokies!.

March 18, 2013

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss ... Read More

February 26, 2013
Women's Basketball: Behind The Scenes

As the final seconds ticked off the clock Sunday afternoon, I could feel that the Hokies are back. We are back mentally, physically, and (even more so) emotionally. We were so invested into the game because we were in our zone. We showed up to an ACC game with more fight than ever before, and by proving so with the biggest upset for the Hokies all season. We defeated nationally ranked Florida State University by double digits. Now let me repeat myself in case you missed that…we defeated nationally ranked Florida State University by double digits! ... Read More

January 30, 2013

Last weekend, my team was fortunate enough to spend our Saturday night with the Hardwood Club at the German Club Manor in Blacksburg. This night was a special event for the girls and me because we were able to socialize with our biggest fans! People from all over the country came to Blacksburg to spend their time with us that evening. ... Read More

January 15, 2013
Women's Basketball: Behind The Scenes

When we aren’t on the court, we Hokies spend a lot time together in the locker room. Our team meets there before every lift, practice and game. And every girl has special things they keep in their locker and their very own way of staying organized. ... Read More

December 22, 2012
Women's Basketball: Behind The Scenes

The girls and I were faced with a tough work out this week in preparation for our game against Wake Forest on Saturday. Coach Dillard pushed us through an intense conditioning day with a circuit and then shooting drills. We conquered the sleds, box jumps, janitor pushes, and (my personal favorite) the 50-pound sand bags. We all pushed each other and competed to the max. ... Read More

November 30, 2012
Women's Basketball: Behind The Scenes

“The basketball court for me, during a game, is the most peaceful place I can imagine. On the basketball court, I worry about nothing. When I'm out there, no one can bother me...”
- Michael Jordan ... Read More

November 14, 2012
Women's Basketball: Behind The Scenes

A player’s routine to get ready before a game is incredibly personal and unique. Maybe you can remember having to put on those lucky socks or having to tie your sneakers in the same knots every game. Well, your Hokies are no different.

Sophomore Kelsey Conyers writes a different Bible verse on her hand before each game and listens to the song "God is Able" to get mentally focused. She always leads the team prayer in the locker room before we go out to play.

Freshman Taijah Campbell will usually sit alone listening to her music. The one song she always has to listen to is “HAM” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. To go along with her jams, Taijah drinks her large, mint tea with not one, not two, but three sugars! She calls her mom everyday before game day and immediately after. Taijah said, “She usually gives me really good advice and calms me down.”

Senior Aerial Wilson always prays first then listens to her “hype music” to get amped. She has to wear the same black, spandex armor underneath her jersey every game. Aerial’s mom will send her texts before games to show love and support.

Redshirt-Junior Porschia Hadley has no superstitions! In the locker room before games she thinks about her role on the court and studies up on her competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. She always will listen to upbeat music and talk to her mom before games.

And for myself, I simply just wear my hair in the same up-do every game. I have to look good to play good.

Even though each of us has different pregame habits, we have the same goal collectively come game time, and that is to win! Stay tuned for more updates and inside scoops on the Hokies this season!

Go Hokies!
Kerry “Queen of the Cassell” Sarver ... Read More

November 6, 2012
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

The Hokies and I took on West Virginia University on Saturday in a closed scrimmage at our very own Cassell Coliseum. Coach Wolff prepped my teammates and me in our team walk-through before the game that truly set the tone for the upcoming season. ... Read More

October 18, 2012
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

The past few weeks have been exhausting but rewarding for me and my teammates. The girls and I have been lifting and practicing since preseason began, and our work ethic has been relentless.

The freshman have gotten into the groove of practice and are really beginning to find their way on the court. The intensity of practice has definitely picked up and the freshman have really stepped up to the challenges. The girls are still learning but giving all they got
in practice to make our team better.

The returners continue to lead in and off the court. The girls and I are continuing to get better each practice. The energy and work ethic the returners are bringing into the gym every day is truly setting the tone for this season.

Coach Wolff mentioned earlier this week in the film room that we cannot waste any days in the gym. Each day is an opportunity to get better. Even Coach Anderson said in practice that our team is already way ahead of where we were last season. I believe that our confidence and determination to get better each day is the driving force behind our competitive level.

Stay posted for more updates on the countdown to our first game! Go Hokies!" ... Read More

October 3, 2012
Preseason Camp 2012 Blog

Today was our first official practice! It was an incredibly positive
day on the court. Everyone pushed themselves and each other to get
better. I can already see the hard work we put in during the summer
and preseason is evident on the court. I am looking forward to the
rest of the season and where all this hard work will take us! Go
Hokies! ... Read More

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