November 14, 2012
Pregame Rituals
Women's Basketball: Behind The Scenes

A player’s routine to get ready before a game is incredibly personal and unique. Maybe you can remember having to put on those lucky socks or having to tie your sneakers in the same knots every game. Well, your Hokies are no different.

Sophomore Kelsey Conyers writes a different Bible verse on her hand before each game and listens to the song "God is Able" to get mentally focused. She always leads the team prayer in the locker room before we go out to play.

Freshman Taijah Campbell will usually sit alone listening to her music. The one song she always has to listen to is “HAM” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. To go along with her jams, Taijah drinks her large, mint tea with not one, not two, but three sugars! She calls her mom everyday before game day and immediately after. Taijah said, “She usually gives me really good advice and calms me down.”

Senior Aerial Wilson always prays first then listens to her “hype music” to get amped. She has to wear the same black, spandex armor underneath her jersey every game. Aerial’s mom will send her texts before games to show love and support.

Redshirt-Junior Porschia Hadley has no superstitions! In the locker room before games she thinks about her role on the court and studies up on her competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. She always will listen to upbeat music and talk to her mom before games.

And for myself, I simply just wear my hair in the same up-do every game. I have to look good to play good.

Even though each of us has different pregame habits, we have the same goal collectively come game time, and that is to win! Stay tuned for more updates and inside scoops on the Hokies this season!

Go Hokies!
Kerry “Queen of the Cassell” Sarver

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