December 22, 2012
The toughest obstacle
Women's Basketball: Behind The Scenes

The girls and I were faced with a tough work out this week in preparation for our game against Wake Forest on Saturday. Coach Dillard pushed us through an intense conditioning day with a circuit and then shooting drills. We conquered the sleds, box jumps, janitor pushes, and (my personal favorite) the 50-pound sand bags. We all pushed each other and competed to the max.

But then, Coach Dillard faced us with our toughest obstacle yet…the cold tub.

To some athletes the cold tub does not faze them and will use it daily. The cold water is the remedy to their sore muscles and aches and pains. For instance, Taijah Campbell and Alex Kiss-Rusk love it. The tub does not bother the girls in the slightest. I will walk by and see the girls casually laughing it up in the there. My personal theory as to why they love that cold water is because those two Canadians were born and raised in the cold. I am pretty sure that tub reminds them of home.

But to others, it is their worst nightmare. To Reka Hall and Alexis Lloyd, the cold tub is the longest 10 minutes of their lives. They both dread the chilling water. The first 30 seconds upon entering the ice bath are the absolute worst to them. The looks on their faces are literally laugh out loud hysterical. Reka is one of the toughest girls I know, but that cold tub is her Achilles heel.

And personally, I don’t mind the cold tub. After watching Alexis and Reka suffer, I know I can handle the chill. Bring it on Dillard…

Stay tuned for more updates and background scoops throughout the season! Go Hokies!

Kerry “Queen of the Cassell” Sarver

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